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Where is everyone?

No posts in 2 weeks?
Same place you are, WORKING.
I don't post in 'Anything Really'. Sorry! :P
EDIT: I like the response times but Johnny beat me to the punch :(

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I've gotta find some time to get back on.

I miss messin' with people.  :)

Yeah, I have like a job...and like substance abuse problems I gotta keep up with and...I'm a never ending quest to bang chicks...but I'm around...just not where you are.
Aww c'mon.. some of us Oldbie's are still out there, coming out of the ancient woodwork.. �;o)~
Holy crap... /the/ Flame?

Don't think I've seen you around since my newbie Kro days. How the devil are ya?

Damnit...I never got to kill Kro...this explains much.
I've always wondered if that quote about Kro waking up without updating for like 5 years was true.
Heh, yea, it's true but in a kinda meta way. Cloning was coded long before death was activated and Kro was used to test the death code when it was activated... it rolled him back to the only update he'd ever had, a few days after I started playing. It was rather brutal, oldbie Kro had total newbie stats but thankfully no-one knew it. :D

Hadn't really thought about it before but I guess that means Kro was the first char to die and clone on SD.

I'm now back on SD and stuff btw.
Welcome back, by the way :)

hells yea!  welcome home too!
I keel you!
I'm now back in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Stupid Vancouver was too wet and... moist.
I like turtles.
I'm sure you do.  Slow turtles.
I'm back, I think.
My play time is going to be very very limited until June. Sorry folks :(
I had grand plans for causing trouble, honest.
And right when I decide to come back. Meanie :(
Well, I took a break for a looooong while, but I'm back now :) Already seen some familiar faces, this makes me happy.
Looking at the BGBB, looks like not much has changed since I left...last post on May 13th?
Hopefully getting back IC starting Tuesday, I'll see otherwise.
Suckas. Missed y'all.
Not been on in a bit.  No time for RP lately what with the promotion at work and severely odd hours.
The hell is this shit. Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here. This stuff will make you a god-damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.
Sexual Tyrannosaurus? So what you're saying is you've got a "short reach"? ;)

That my head is huge and I home in on anything that moves.


...brain the size of a walnut.
So yesterday my internet suffered a critical existence failure. If I'm lucky I'll be able to have it fixed by tomorrow, but from the looks of things I might end up suffering from the lack of internet for a week or two, if things go south.
Hope your IT improves, bud.

It's gettin' damn lonely in the mix...

I've been trying to be around more lately, finally got a slightly better laptop which helps a lot, now I just gotta get a new frickin wireless card for it.
Won't even be thinking about coming back until July 2011.
hi.  anyone still playing?
Yes, actually. Still get only a measly 2-3 people online a lot, but occasionally we can have quite a fair bit of people logged at once.
Back in Afghanistan. Yay. If I get a laptop here I will log back in.
Playing around 6 hours a day for the past week. Unfortunately I see almost no one, and once I do. They are less than eager to interact.
I'm trying to get back online more often - my internet died a couple of months ago and I finally gave up on them trying to fix it and bought a wireless card this week so will be on alot more often.
I am also trying to get back online more.  Work has been crazy, but I'm trying to stay logged in and will offer any GM assistance that I can while I'm logged in.

Also trying to keep my alt online and playing in free moments.

See my other post on promoting Sindome (that I am about to make) if you want to help spread the word.

Afghanistan, broken laptop
I'm on semi-regularly again, but on UK time so I tend to miss most of the active player times. Also just landed a new job (which I start tomorrow), so priorities are elsewhere for the immediate future, but I'll be around and continuing my @bug blitz.

(Since I've mentioned it, FS has placed a little faith in me and given me a coder bit so I've been blazing through the @bugs. Guestimate that I've cleared over 60 in the last couple of weeks, flagged some things that need some rethinking and planned a couple of bigger projects (one being better newbie retention)).

Still here. Haven't played in a while but I check in occasionally. �Life in the real's been strange lately and there have been times when I've gone without jumping onto the web for days. �We'll see if I can hop in more often. �Feel free to contact me offMOO via the regular channels.


Break out the walking cane, Flame.

Then beat everyone down with it!

Xenocide wrote:

Still get only a measly 2-3 people online a lot, but occasionally we can have quite a fair bit of people logged at once.

I remember 5-8, then weekends more (like 13-15).

The expansion has been damn aces.

(I also 2nd Lena's comment.)

I remember between 8-25players, coming in around 13-15 on average, weekends being the hot times if you wanted to start anything. I remember Desolate, Kro, Aikao, Seven and Rigby primarily, outbreaks of Ebola, a myriad of attempts against corporate power, and countless days lost priming for the right moments in the slums, even days locked away in the WHJ but never in prison.

Constant plans in play to take advantage of small benefits and turn them into larger endeavours, a constant power flux. I remember the voice of Rigby or NLM always squashing or thwarting the hopes and ideals had by dreamers, and quick to cut off the hand that feeds when a glimmer of it comes to light of mixers that sought more, and demolishing the reputations of corporates with any affiliation to mixer society, bludgeoned by personality and media alike.

So many stories, so much planning, that I was ever a part of but never driving, just assisting in the push.. But god those days were fun. Nowadays there seems to be so much on the go and so many hands in the pot that it's truly fitting of the chaos born of cyberpunk age; disorientating even trying to stay on the cusp of being informed of daily events; the life and populace here has become almost vividly real in the random amalgamations that encompass the in-depth ambience that is Withmore.

I am proud to hold a seat in the audience as this story continues to unravel each day, and I hope I can write a verse in it that will echo in the chapters that follow, but will always be happy to just continue to read on as it is written. To all of you out there, there's no need any longer to ask 'where everyone is', the city is as bustling and erratic as ever, always awaiting that breaking point and with every push made, every player either new or freshly returned; it grows better and better.

So people will come and go as lives permit, but this shared story keeps rolling forward one way or another. The past moves on only helping to shape the present, the future is endless in it's awaiting plans; so enjoy each day as it comes and blow the dust off your walking canes or Jurassic perspectives, continue to twist views and blow minds.

There's fluff and goals a plenty, drive and motivation in every dark corner, envy and prejudice galore; and too many now to ever feel in lack; so build yourself up, get up, get out and get to walking the path you choose; for everything awaits beyond the first step, and if all else fails and the possibilities are too vast or too obscure to find which direction you should be headed, take the time to envision your life in this world and where you see yourself in it; ride coat tails or take the time just to Explore..

You never know what you may find staring back at you, for in an age of technology, knowledge is the ultimate power, only needing to see the opportunity to put it to use.

Keep the fire burning in your stay, and we'll all keep your seat warm for you while you're away. ;o)~