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Word usage peeves

Anyone remember the scene from Finding Nemo with the seagulls all saying "Mine, mine, mine, mine?" When it comes to sparring in Sindome I'm getting flashbacks. There are a couple of these overused terms that bother me. When I'm at the dojo what I hear most often is, "Are you sticking around for rounds?" or some variation. It would be nice if people mixed it up a bit or used some slang.

Another that gets me is the perception stat. This has been mentioned before, everyone says, "Work on your awareness." It seems really awkward because that isn't something you would ever say. There are so many other ways this can be worded. You could tell people to study their opponent so they see things coming, or just "Pay attention baka!"

The short of it is I would enjoy seeing some of these cliches improved as they can really break immersion. I'd like to hear some thoughts and suggestions as well.

Regarding perception, I used to laugh so hard at Feng's shouts to stop saying 'TRAIN YOUR EYES!' That said, it's tricky to try and talk to fresh characters in a way that you know is pretty obvious to us, but maybe not so much for fresh players to the moo.

Just my 2 chyen.

The @stats --defined adjectives are extremely useful in this context.

It is now possible for character to tell another character that they need to be "more ADJECTIVE".

That is not to imply that using the adjectives is the only way to indicate to a @stat. The adjectives are just one more tool to have in your tool box.

It can be a fine line. I mean, saying 'I really need to work on my endurance' may sound meta, but it's also....a perfectly fine and realistic thing people actually say, so...

Also, as others have mentioned, sometimes you can't be subtle, because sometimes people (new or not) don't -get- subtlety.

Always best to try though!

This topic seems kind of random but, it does put me off when folks vets or newbs talk all meta gamey with the mechanics in a very obvious and lazy fashion. I used to torture people's characters for that, but now I am reformed member of society.

In the end you can't control others, you can only control yourself and your character.

Lead by example and let others make thier own mistakes, even if it annonys the living hell of you and breaks your immersion.

Some people play domino and others play theater. Guess which ones end up stealing the show?

Some people simply aren't as creative as others when it comes to "translating" this kind of stuff, so I give most people the benefit of the doubt. There's obvious, egregious examples like "training your eyes" but even something like saying "work on your hand-eye coordination" could be misconstrued as one thing or the other.

I've learned to take a special pride in finding ways to relay it, especially more abstract ones like LCK, so all you can really do is your own part. If you're ever presented with someone leaning towards more hamfisted ways of explaining it, try giving them a better worded alternative phrase, and they'll likely take the ball and run with it.

I agree with HolyChrome here. Especially from a new player or mid-player perspective, explaining stats IC is awkward, no matter how you slice it, and some stats are basically impossible to explain in a way that seems believable. In general, Sindome does require stretching the imagination (just as most text-based RPIs do) and everyone has their own interpretation and way of getting there. Hek has a point that the new definitions have helped, but even the helpfile on stats admits that some of those definitions are a stretch.

When faced with this, I've paid attention to what others say and do and roll with it the best I can/as it makes sense for my character. I think as players, we really need to be flexible and more forgiving of the awkwardness. If you're roleplaying with someone and it comes across awkward, it's very easy to say ICly, "Oh, you mean X?" to kinda guide it in a way, but even then, that's suggestion only. We all have our own way of RPing and I think opening up creative avenues, letting players find their own unique way of explaining stats and actions, is vital for fun for all.

On the topic of telling people to TRAIN THEIR EYES!!!, I think transmet did a similar thing pretty well:

One of the best comics ever!
Some good feedback. To be clear the idea here is to inspire people to be a bit more creative and think realistically versus mechanically. I always enjoy working with a great RP'er who put in that extra effort and feel it pushes me to do the same. It's like having someone say do this to be good or sitting down with a grizzled veteran who says, "Back when I was a young and stupid solo..."