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Deadly Liquids.
Idk, there's drug and sickness, why not poisons?

Well, virus are already like poisons so why not develop the real deal? Its in the field of chemistry of course. These poisions can be natural (Found in some corner, badlands, sewers, or just somewhere with hazzardous atmostphere or something.) And the designer posions with designer antidote. Isnt it awesome to kill an entire populi with it? Not that I plan to. Lol XD Anyway, just a share of idea, still it's awesome to have poisons, really have varous of uses In game.

I actually thought about this a while back, and have planned a couple times to try to enact a few aspects like such in-game, more plans with GM assistance for such, but definitely think it would be awesome if it could be put in play for the everyday, rather than just using drugs or violence to bring about death or unconsciousness. I love the fact that alcohol poisoning exists already, but as well feel poisons could come to be abused as well.

Yeah, that crossed my mind too. And I was thinking like you know, create it in some focal point (Just one store) that's restricted to anyone but at the same time, not. It's like one of those in the lab that orders underground. Designers poisons will price as much as renting a house in topside becuase yeah, its more deadly and all so it must be in proper care and at the same time with its antidotes. And those normal poinsions that may make people suffer but don't actually kills them (You know, paralysing and the like) will cost lower than the designers poisons. To avoid it being abused. And like there must be lab too that specialize in poisons and not just chemicals course cause how you can make poisons if you don't have the tools and equipments and -ingredients- to make it? And It will be more difficult to make than those drugs and bombs.

Anyway, your reply was awesome btw and thanks for that.