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Hi-tech Communications
I'm sure this is cont'd from somewhere.

Ok...check this out:,12543,190327,00.html

It's a tourist program type thing that allows you too view information about the areas sites. It'd include histories and such. THIS not only would be perfect for Judges HUD,giving building schematics on known infastructures, but could also be used by others. If I wanted to get a schematic or a code to someone...I'd have someone who can create programs write up a file to suit this HUD so that all they'd need to know is the location to look in. If my program told the combo and whatnot to one door, it'd take someone searching every door in the dome to find it...perhaps you find ways to keept hat from happening but's an idea.

Actually, that sits how I'd like to see the matrix implemented. It's the CP2020 style and I know they had some kit in one of the Chrome Book series that did exactly this...

The matrix is a data representation of the real world and matrix nodes/servers and such would occupy similar locations to their realspace location in the VR rendition of the world. Thus it would be possible to purchase a set of goggles that would allow you to walk down the street and see it overlayed with VR matrix space for the same matrix co-ordinates. There wouldn't be any hacking advantage to this, but it would allow you to interact with both worlds at once. Walking along on gold you'd see the corp towers around you, overlayed with their matrix server representations. Walking -into- the building, however, would not take you 'inside' the data fortress in terms of interaction with the server since that requires access to the box, instead you would just walk -through- the external visual representation of the construct, kinda like you can in 3D FPS games if you set them to no_clip. To enter the -proper- internals of the data fortress would still require you to hack access since the big graphical VR tower is really just a ballsy matrix based ad statement.

But yeah, I mocked this up yesterday and came up with a suitable system that will allow two levels of matrix interaction with all OS's. You will be able to access the matrix via neural link -or- by simple screen/manual interface. The latter will have massive disadvantages for anything requiring speed (defensive measures, hacking, etc), but will be a full choice. So, you don't -have- to become a prone vegetable in the real world in order to cruise the matrix. You -will- be able to sit in a bar, drink a beer, shoot the shit with your friends and tap away at your deck with the flip-up LCD screen or VR shades on.

Holy crap, that sounds cool.

I want!!!!