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The bionic man...


devise a program that senses the amputee's desired motion.

This sensor technology is gonna be huge I tell ya. I betcha its easy to detect when the Mr Studd should activate.

Sweet. Yet another thing Canadians did better than anyone else on the planet.

*waves his Canadian flag about*

more like the only thing.

:looks at the papers banning him from canada, then goes into the chorus of "blame canada"

'sorry I don't dislike canadians just the government.  (warning this comment was not meant to start a polotical debate or offend anyone I know the american government sux too bla bla bla)

What'd ya do Jotun? D'ya go to a farm in Canada without checking the box on the customs form? :P

(If you never watch Comedy Central, you won't get the joke)

no, here goes:

a few years ago I went to see hollowikid in detroit (any juggalos out there?)  I'm from indiana, and I have guns, and a valid carry permit, (good in ind, and MI)  all of us that were going did.  so we were all packing to detroit (detroit is a rough city, and though I usually never carry, I Don't really NEED a gun in my day to day life) so we went to the casino in detroit, MGM I think, had some drinks, lost some money, all in all good time.  when we left we saw the casino across the way in winsor, it was about 3 am and we were drunk, well 2 of the 3 of us were someone had to drive.   so we decided to try our luck there and got in line at the bridge to winsor.  well while we were in line at the bridge our sober friend reminded us all that we had guns under our seats, so when we got to the toll booth we asked to turn around.  since there was a line of cars behind us the lady said "go to the other side and tell them you need to turn around, they  will let you"  so we got to the other side and informed customs we wanted to turn around, they Immeadately asked us why we were trying to go to canada at 2 in the morning bla bla bla..

in the end they didn't let us turn around before searching the car and us, despite our protests about the lady on the other side, and since we technically were in canada upon the search we were all charged with possession of an illegal firearm in canada "on the other side of the bridge that is"  2 of the 3 of us had hollow point bullets which added a second charge for illegal ammunition.  all in all we lost 3 guns (I had a 9mm kel-tek only fired once, one friend had a cheep .25, the other had a $600 sig .40  (according to the windsor police all were sent to some chrysler plant to be melted down and made into car parts, to which I immeadately responded "mine's mostly plastic so you won't get shit from it") we also paid $500 canadian a piece for bail, and $1600 canadian to get my car out of impound.  we had the cash togther but of course we were in jail with no ATM's to retrive it so we called my friends parents from south bend to bail us out (about a 3 hour drive each way, needless to say they weren't happy)
but we saw our concert, overall had a good time, and a silly memory to laugh at for the rest of our lives.  
when we went back for court, the fine was reduced to 250 so we each got half of our bail back, but no luck on the impound fee, and we were banned from canada (you can get a pardon but it's an 18 month process, and I have no desire to ever return to canada anyway, I still have a passport and many other foreign countries to alienate haha!)

sorry the grammar in this post was bad, but since I'm not getting graded I'm not revising it.


That is awesome man...truly awesome.


we all do dumb stuff, but hey shit happens right?

Heh, that's funny... you decide not to go to Canada, end up being forced to and get arrested... I live there illegally for 3 years and get away scott free... ;)

Hmm... did I really want to post that?

Damn, I'm only 86ed from 4 Casinos :biggrin: