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Character Creator Game

Running out of ideas of characters to role play, or want to learn a handy Sindome based time killing game? By using playing cards to build the bones of your character, and filling in the fleshy details with the "Why? x3" method, an interesting character is made.

You will draw 9 cards, they will be split into 3 categories in which you will compare and contrast to build a character. The character's past which is family and friends, the character's hopes and fears, and the character's present skills and stats.

This is how I split the suits to represent the skills and stats of Sindome:

Clubs: Physical based stats, Combat, Subterfuge

Spades: Knowledge based skills, Hacking, Explosives, Chemistry, Forensics, Intelligence, Perception

Hearts: Medical, Fixing, Artistry skills, Charisma, Luck,

Diamonds: Trade based skills, Reflex skills, Agility, Engineering.

Here is an example to demonstrate it in action:

The past/family side has two smart parents and possible older brother.

The skills/stats side has an emphasis on clubs though with low numbers, it shows he is still learning or just beginning. And the 9 of spades could be taught or inherited from the parents.

The character section adds motivations. The 5 of spades could mean our character is an average Joe, based on a 1-10 scale. Perhaps his intelligence is something he keeps to himself. The 6 of spades is a fear, fearing he will never live up to his parents talents. It may be an inferiority complex or dislikes people of lesser intelligence than himself, like bakas.

So there are two characters here, a corpie, and a mixer.

Our corpie has smart techy parents that probably met at their corp job. Their son grows up with his older brother that convinces him a law enforcement gig is great way to pick up hot chicas. He looks down on others that are dumb and boring to him.

Our mixer on the other hand, his parents were drug cooks and addicts that treated their son poorly, giving him an inferiority complex. He finds his sexuality in his teen years and falls in love with an addict, whom he steals from his parents supply or cooks it for, only to be caught by his parents.

These are some side notes in case these questions are asked:

Aces: on the past side they can mean death of a person or a highly influential person to the character, on the right it could be an obstacle/life event that rewarded them greatly, or terribly.

Face cards on the skills/stats side means a mentor is definitely involved, possibly a college/gang education/mentor ship.

Face cards in the hopes/fears can symbolize what they wish to be a master of their suit, or people they fear/avoid.

Jokers: a wild card, or extreme luck in a situation (near death experience, nearly incarcerated)

If you have a character half complete (stats/skills but no history), write the skills on paper and omit pulling stat/skills cards, leaving the character cards to add any depth your character could use.

Feel free to add on or tweak anything to make it fun and easy for you remember.

Hope this opens up your creativity much as it does mine!

I forgot to add, I pick gender based on numbers, even females/odd males.
It's like Tarot for char gen!

I love it!

Neat. Reminds me of old school rpgs where chance would dictate your character's unfortunate (or maybe fortunate) background.