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Death and Clones

So... I watched the clone tutorial, and I get the concept. I'm fuzzy on the execution.

I should not ICly know anything that happened between when I refreshed and when I was reborn. I don't have any problem with the concept or what should happen. Since one thing I was asked is to not write things down... how do you keep track of it?

I have a hard time remembering things apparently, and trying to remember which versions of things I should be remembering is going to be a nightmare.

So, what tips do you have for me to help to know what I should be forgetting? If that makes any sense.

Use @notes for that kind of stuff.

Back in the day I ICly wrote a log of what I did each day, in case I died and needed to backtrack and remember.

But @notes are also very good for all that.

If push comes to shove, if you're not sure if you should remember something, just make it so you don't remember. The lack of memory usually brings more RP and it's always fun to go through.

@notes are a good way, but also take into account your character's intelligence and that the cloning process isn't a walk in the park.

Yeah, I mean it's a great concept and I totally can see why it's there. I love the idea. But an example.

I update a clone. I have a really long talk with someone who I often have long talks with. We talk about some of their background.

A week goes by, maybe two. I get killed by someone.

I want to not remember that talk, but for me things kind of blur together. So when I talk to that person again. I shouldn't remember some of our talks, but I'll be darned if I can figure out a way to remember which ones I should and shouldn't know. So yeah, still looking for tips. I'm thinking maybe a bullet point log of what I did in evernote or something is the only way I'll be able to keep track of it.

However, I heard that was a no no too.

Your character doesn't have a perfect memory but you can use notes to keep track of that.
Were it me:

- I would leave bullet point style @notes about what I learned and might forget (just like you were suggesting for evernote but using the @note command)

- I would @note it every time I updated my clone

- I would error on the side of "I forgot" if there was any uncertainty

Of course the amusing thing is that I forgot if probably a real life mantra for me...

But cool! Thanks for the advice and tips.

That is a good point. Remember that @notes (or notes you might keep elsewhere) are an OOC thing. Not an IC thing. So always be sure to apply an OOC to IC filter when parsing them.

They are not there to help your character remember but for you as the player to note things. Your character can not reference them and might not remember or even know some or most of what you the player put into those @notes.

If your character wants to store data so they can recall it perfectly later, use IC tools like memory and IC items.

I get that, and that's why I said that I know I'm not supposed to take notes on things.

However, if the distinction is that I shouldn't take IC notes, then that makes life easier. I can keep a log of what I do in a day and then when I get offed I can easily make sure to know what I should or not. I'll keep them at a generic enough level that I'm not giving myself to many hints.

I used to use E-Notes for this when I knew I was doing something iffy. ‘Meeting Doc for implants today.’ That way if I ended up in my apartment w missing time I could check if I left myself a note.
I think that it's fair game to keep your notes detailed ICly. I may be biased, but deckers and detectives need that sweet, sweet paydata they can steal from you.
Following up, using @notes for this does not seem appropriate, as this is OOC info shared between u and GM’s. There is no way IC for your character to get this info.
Well, I mean, wouldn't your character just remember the IC information? So an @note should be okay? I think the issue is that the player oocly doesn't remember what occurred during or after the clone update, but the character should. Unless you get mind-wiped or something, they should have knowledge of what occurred.

You could totally use an e-note too, but I think people have problems recalling for themselves what happened pre and post-update, which isn't the same experience as the character.

There are two great mechanisms in the game for remembering things.

1. The /memorize/ command (help memorize)

2. SHI eNotes