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What "breaks" them?

What kind of changes contribute to a disguise eventually "breaking" or "slipping"?

I ask because I have macros to put on and take off disguises. But the first line of my macro to put on the disguise actually puts on the disguise (wear hood / poncho)

Then I go through the rest.. voice change, lp change, etc.

I am wondering if I should do all of 'the rest' first, and end the macro with putting on the actual disguise (hood / poncho).

As silly as I personally think that this is, I believe it is """"IC information"""" due to that it is mechanics. Basically, though, I believe it is any action other than walking.
Some of this is actually OOC info. Largely regarding the order of commands. A safe bet is to keep the donning disguise items as the last step. After all the other bits you might want to do (assuming your character has the skill/stats to justify doing more than wearing a hood). This is because disguise items will lock some bits in place. Details can be found in this thread.

Thanks for the replies. I noticed it in the first place because certain bits were getting stuck in odd, order of operations, kind of ways.
If there are oddities you think don't make sense please post generalities here or do an @bug with specifics. It's still a pretty new system and we are happy to tweak it.