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Gang Code and Room Flavor Texts

I am not sure that I am using the correct term here when I say "flavor texts". But I am referring to the changing text blocks that come after the static room descriptions, and before the list of character objects in any given room.

There are a number of gang related texts that mention gangers killing each other and leaving bodies in the gutter.

Those texts seem to run counter to the gang code which states that gangers should not / do not "kill" each other.

If someone takes on the project to adjust those, will you also fix "bandanna"? It should be "bandana".

Gangers kill each other all the time, they're just not supposed to.

I've been meaning to mention this for a while.

I xhelped about this once.

I think it's just low on the queue of changes.

I don't see why this can't be a community effort once the drug scripts are all done. This is low hanging fruit for sure. I'd also love to see all rooftops gets descs and all items get @tease messages.
I'd also love for all of the rolling ambient room descriptions get gender diversity.

Why's it always gotta be a girl getting shoved into the van? Why's it almost always gotta be heterosexual encounters or ladies being the victims?

(Props to the oral sex description that remains entirely gender ambiguous, though.)

Are gangers not routinely killing each other and the general public?
@ynk I know! I want to see a bull dyke biker gang herding and extorting defenseless femboys.

According to the gang code, no. They are not supposed to be killing each other.

(IMHO, that's pretty lame. Although I get that it was done for OOC reasons of not wanting to deter people from playing gangers.)

At the risk of going off on an tangent here, it seems like there needs to be some more thought and perhaps background justification put into the gang code. Maybe something like, PC gangers represent a higher tier of gangers. The Kings realize that they are law and order in the Mix for all intents and purposes. Therefore they realize that the 'senior' (PC) gangers need to stay alive to rein in the lower tier (NPC) gangers. The NPCs might kill each other, because they are just disposable fodder. But the PCs need to be kept alive to prevent the whole system from collapsing. (Or whatever. I'm just talking out of my butt right now.)

I think the code represents the expectations of the council but the material conditions of gang life and the kinds of people who are getting brought into it probably mean that the code gets violated pretty often, and sometimes brazenly.

The Mix and especially gang life aren't safe and just because there are IC rules in place doesn't mean PCs or NPCs are following them all the time. That'd be like saying corpies don't break the law or fuck around behind their companies' backs.

Bingo. The Code is the law, but the law gets broken. Sometimes it gets enforced and punished.
These messages were written before the gang code and could definitely be updated to better reflect the current reality, as well as being more diverse. No argument there. I like the idea of it being a community effort as well.

I don't think we would get rid of the killing or violence so much as incorporate the gang code changes.

I need to write a better system for updating these as well. It's tedious as hell right now and thus requires editing props directly.


$library.prop.attribute# or whatever?

ls prop *

This is all set. I updated all the messages in game and updated the system for editing them so it's more user friendly.

Do do you and the rest of the coders have to do a lot of work like this? I mean where you're actually building interfaces to make things like editing room text easier? The amount of long-term Vision that you all are displaying is pretty impressive. Not just updating the room text, but actively making it easier for others to do so in the future.

It's not technically room text, it's part of the ambient population system. The ambient messages you see in a room depend on the population density of the room, which changes based on the time of day and weather, as well as the type of turf it is and what sector that turf is on-- so the Gulag has it's own messages, as do Sinner turf and Snake turf and Art turf and Little Kyoto-- each for the different amounts of population, light, medium, heavy, packed. Some turf, like the default street, has messages for red, and gold and green and blue, with all the different densities...

But to answer your question about making interfaces, that probably what I spend 60-70% of my time doing. I just try to make things easier to pick up, easier to update, easier to understand, and require a minimum of knowledge to get right, while also being hard to break badly.