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Done with the MOO. At least, for now.

Hey y'all.

You probably know me best as twinkledaddy skelton of pop punk, or some variation on OOC-Chat, but I also happened to be Calavera/Manuel in the IC world. After over two years of playing, I've decided to stop, for an indefinite amount of time. I had pretty good times over said length of time, but I feel that I should quit at this point.

If you guys want to contact me for any reason, I have my steam profile:

I also have a new email: [email protected]

I have had the opportunity to roleplay with your character at least twice, and it's sad to have one less member in the community. You're welcome back in the future. Good luck in your endeavors.

Aww man, Well was good playing with you! I had a blast helping craft and trying to move your glowing umbrellas.

People who post a good-bye always come back sooner or later.

It's a proven point I witnessed multiple times.

Untill then, be safe. Don't get killed down red.

Yeah. Sorry to see you go. Hope we see you again, soon.

You will be back... They all come back.