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How to open a conversation with an NPC
Help the GMs, Help You

When speaking with NPCs please consider that it is very possible the GM that is puppetting is unfamiliar with the exact circumstances that have brought your character to this specific NPC. That means that the burden of bringing the GM puppeting the NPC up to speed on the current situation in a brief, effective and IC manner is a VERY important skill for you to develop.

We have many ways that we note most of the interactions between NPCs and players on the admin-side but it's impossible to note all the details without simply requiring admin to read transcripts of every interaction. So summarizing what you are interested in talking to the NPC about, and the motivation behind it, goes a long way toward letting us point the right GM to the puppet, or the active GM to the notes they need and the position the NPC should be taking with your character.


To Chow Hello Doctor, your employee Doctor Bones told me you were looking for an ambulance driver and I'm here for the interview he told me he scheduled with you for this time.

To Bob I have returned with the package you asked for.

Anyone have any questions about what is and is not allowed or appropriate in these situations? Or some better examples?

For the odd occasion when we have an NPC's phone number, is it appropriate to xhelp prior to making the call, to provide information about why we're calling?

xhelp Just letting you know I'm about to call Jiminy Cricket's clinic about setting up an appointment.

If you have a NPC's phone number, chances are it's because of a previous IC interaction which will already have some @notes about it.

If you believe the admins will have no idea why you're calling, leaving your own @note in advance of placing the call will do the trick. Leave the name of the PC and the actual PC phone number in your note ad especially the intended subject and goal of the conversation.

Thanks for asking.