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Immies in a coma
Does that character really have a dragon head?

We always have a steady amount of new players come onto the game and try it out for a little while. Some of them write up very funny descriptions and then disconnect forever. I.E.

"Billy is here and he is here to stay. He carried around a mighty bladed sword and a never ending pistol of fire. He is the macho. You tremble in fear if he looks at you due to his glowing scar.




howdo i end this"

Personally, I always get a laugh at this stuff. The only reason I bring it up is because it could be giving potentional newcomers the wrong idea about the logging off system, description system, and give the overall appearance of a game riddled with nothing but sloppy logoffs in the 'beginning' of the game.

Is there a way us players can help with this? Is it okay to contact GM's to have a coma'd immy that is riding a T-rex so they can be removed from IC?

I'd think that their presence would tend to clue the next immy about what happens when you logout. Beyond that, if the sleepers get dragged and released into the coffin room, they're no longer as obvious and probably won't even be seen or looked at (it'd be hard for a real noob to do either of those things).