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Losing memories
Gameplay thread

Can I ask what kinds of things players do to effectively RP memory loss?

I personally have the kind of memory where, if it happened, I have a real hard time making it un-happen. When I clone from a SenseNet backup, I find I have to work really hard at figuring out what to forget and carefully internalizing those facts, to be sure the memories don't come out and affect future RP.

It's the reason I keep logs, actually.

Even this is hard because the effect of going back and reviewing the logs of the hours/days I lost actually have the tendency to reinforce the memories. I have to write a list:

Don't remember .

Don't remember

Don't remember .

....and then carefully review it. It slows my RP down and makes me feel uncertain as a player. And it takes up a lot of time which I'd rather spend RPing! ;)

Though, ICly I can just treat it as my character retreating to safety and holing up there.

So what tricks, tools, whatever, do other players use to really "forget" this stuff?


I generally just try to remember to update frequently enough that it's easy to keep track of what to forget. If it was too long ago for that, anything that isn't long term is at the very least very fuzzy. I'm also willing to overestimate how much I'm forgetting, since any extra it can be passed off as lost to the trauma/disorientation of, as far as your mind can discern, one second you were in a pod at Sense/Net, and the next you're climbing out of a pod/vat at Genetek and suddenly have a lot to worry about.

Also, I almost always make a point of updating immediately after anything pivotal. First kiss? Update. Got that promotion? Update. Just moved to a new place? Update. Found a secret? Update. Caught a CEO having an affair? Update. Punched a Judge in the shnoz? Haul ass and update.

"Now I- Wait what? Shit."

>cm Anyone know what the fuck just happened to me?

think Shiiiit. Is my rent paid up?

Not really a helpful response, but I do it by having an incredibly bad memory OOCly. I actually have to keep notes about important things to remember.

One of the reasons I don't keep raw logs is specifically to avoid what you mentioned though: remembering some things too well. Unless a character is supposed to have an incredibly good memory, being able to review a past event or conversation in perfect accuracy makes it hard to not use the info unfairly.

Also like TwistedAkai I tend to update immediately after anything that would be a big deal to not remember.

Now, I can't speak from experience from this, but I keep a little notepad with just vague statements about what has happened to my character.

Got beat up

Can't stand x character because he was rude

mudsexed everyone for ten chy

The finer details often come up by reading the quick and dirty statement. Of course, sometimes I remember them wrong, which is fun, because then my character remembers them wrong, too. Having everything written down makes it so your character never goofs up their thoughts unless you go out of your way to do it.

You guys have access to notes with @add-note -- I recommend writing a note each time you update as to your characters memories, state of mind, etc, so that when you clone you've got a little snapshot of what your character would remember / what mood they are in (maybe you updated right after a bad breakup -- you updated, 3 weeks passed and you died. Well, when you wake up you should be in the middle of that breakup, emotionally. You'll need to RP going through the emotions of the breakup again.. that kinda thing.

Also, if you are not sure if you should remember something you can always ask the admin if they know.. or err on the side of caution and say you don't remember.

These are good tips. :)