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Message From the Building Staff
Ahh the joys of bringing the world alive!

Hello fabulous people of Sindome

I wanted to post this to make the community aware of some changes that are incoming, that will affect the game to some extent for some, and majorly for others. I want to be transparent as much as I am able to with all of you to let you know what I have been working on. Currently I am working on three major projects, besides the normal building that I am doing. Real Estate, Vehicle Pricing, and Cybernetic Pricing.

The Real Estate formulas are about 90% done currently. Business owners I took into account the pricing that you were at, but there will be changes in how things are done with real estate once your lease expires. If you currently have a business, things will be normal until your date and then you will go to the new system so we can have structure in this section of the game. I won't go into physical numbers but don't be surprised at a 10-25% increase in the leases.

Vehicle Pricing is about 15% done currently, and this is the one that will effect the most people. Before we had no real structure with the pricing, it was more an ad hoc committee decision that I am not addressing to move forward in the future. What does this mean to you? It means that vehicles will be priced more realistically, factoring in all the factors of the transportation in question. This will not affect current vehicles other than in repair, but it will affect new vehicle purchases. This has become my priority project and I am hoping to have it finished in the very near future. Until such time, new vehicles are not being created or sold. I have an ETA of finishing this by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, pending issues.

Cybernetic pricing will be checked and standardized for the clinics based on the formulas we use when we are doing such things. This will help with players and staff getting on the same page, as well as changing a bit of how things operate there. I can't go into details as of yet, as we are still in the discussion phase of this project, but as time goes on I will release what information that I can.

You may be asking why I am letting you know all of this….. Yes, it doesn't affect anyone oocly at all, but ic changes like this to gain consistency need to be addressed in this format in my opinion, I also want to open up discussion for things that I and the rest of staff may not have considered while we are working on these things. I will not be able to go into details of what the formulas I am working with are for it, but if you have comments or thoughts that I may not have taken into consideration, please feel free to post them here. Even if I don't respond, it does not mean that I am not taking you seriously, it just means that I am very busy at this time and I am making all the data and changes necessary to make our world come to life even more than it already is.

Thank you for playing, and all of your contributions to our community.


Head Builder

With regards to vehicle pricing I presume you mean that the price of them is going to increase but it's all going to be a bit more uniform and calculated out as opposed to 'Yeah that price sounds about right?'

I am going to the core of what vehicles are and pricing them from the ground up. When I am done it will be like the sticker price on a real car, where players can quote it and rp it out, negotiate everything. The prices are going to change and it will become very consistant. one of the reasons I am doing it :)

/me watches as that shiny new Ferrari gets that much further away. Sigh.

Being the player that will be hit by vehicle pricing the most i would like to state :

GREAT! Finally i will be able to go about my bussiness without having to wonder why a katana 250 is cheaper than the parts that come on said katana...

I'm very interested in how the new system will work and will happily give my input from the player side , if needed. But i assume you already have it well in hand.

I have a pretty good grasp on it, but if you would like to submit sugestions of things I may or may not have considered, please email them to [email protected] Even if I have thought of them already, it just confirms that I am on the right track!



With regards to the 'parts cost more than the combined unit' argument. I'm afraid that's actually fairly realistic, car manufacturing is done with economies of scale and purchasing power benefits - if you're simply buying 1 x transmission, or a single set of tyres, then you're going to pay well above what the actual cost of manufacture is.