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Nakeds Workshop Thread
No Scavenger Hunts for Advice

For the purposes of this thread I'm going to link to the description thread rather than rewriting the entire first half of that post here, and assert that both warning/requests from it apply. Keep an affection of civility. Don't blend IC and OOC. And this thread should be good.

So, that said, I have three suggestions for naked's and they are longer form than both of the suggestions in the description thread.


All your nakeds should stand on their own. Codedly, they have too. If you look at one of your nakeds, and say, well this references something that's not visible when that naked is on it's own. Then you've done something wrong systematically.

Good example of this rule being broken, just kinda spitballed here.

naked back is Her back is a patchwork continuation of the features on her limbs, gnarled and ugly. With a hunch that forces her shoulders down.


All your nakeds and for that matter features like them,(voice and scent and whatever else there is) should be descriptive and not vague. And also be relevant no matter what and where you are.

Good bad example of this,

Their eyes pierce you with a gaze that seems to look at you with disdain and peer through you.

First off, what if you're in a room with no people. At that point you are breaking the fourth wall.

Second off, what if I'm hidden and looking at you.

Better version,

Hawk-like, their eyes peer out, taking in the area with a slightly squinted look of disdain.

Don't convey other people, convey how you are interacting with the environment, if you must.


Account for situations, and update your nakeds regularly.

Got your eye shot out, well you're gonna have a new scar there probably, write it in.

Had sex, add in some references to claw marks on your back naked.

Been grappling outside, add some minor scuffs and scraps to your legs and arms.

Trust me this stuff adds a lot of shit to the game, and makes people enjoy roleplaying with you more. I've had scenes where at the end I've OOCly been like, "So what minor marks would you have left on my body?" Even in a fight where that person missed every hit, negotiating a little something that they might have done mid fight roleplaying wise, engages them. Even something as simple as having spit in your head naked after someone spits on you.

Finally, keep it simple, no one except MOOsexers want a 3 paragraph description of your groin, including glans size, status of circumcision and explicit description of length or puffiness. Less is more, in almost every case here.

I agree with everything said thus far regarding nakeds.

Do not tell other people what to think with your descriptions/nakeds/poses. This applies to basically everything that isn't spoken word.

Give people information and let them come to their own conclusions based in their characters perception of what they are seeing. This is so important. I still mess it up sometimes, so don't feel bad if you do too, just recognize it and keep working at it.


Great feedback, really makes me think again about my @nakeds, and wanting to improve for immersion and fun all around.

I try not to keep my @nakeds longer than necessary, only to get all details explained. Sometimes I feel like trying to make them longer, but at the same time, I can't be bothered to read anyone who has walls and walls of text. So, I guess taking this into regards is important.

Also the thing with not writing things by opinion is very important, this is making me want to rewrite a load of things.

This was helpful, gracias.
When there's nothing different between, say, a right ear and a left ear, is it okay to describe the basics in each @naked, but adding something else noticeable about each in the description? That way they flow nicely but also can stand on their own.

Having the same thing copy-pasted into both @nakeds reads so tediously.

@ynk When both of your ears/hands/eyes etc are the same, most people just lump it into the left slot and describe them both that way. If you have unique tattoos/scars/marks/injuries/etc on each hand or so on, that's when I've seen it come into play, but you describe it however you see fit.

In the case of things like eyes and hands usually they are both covered or both naked, unless you are wearing a single glove or an eyepatch, so in most cases this works.

Hope that helps. c:

How I generally work it is like this,

Left or right pick one and stick with it.

The one you pick is the bulk, if you say, get that limb cut off, or something permanent there, the bulk description moves.

So like, ears

@naked left ear is "Small and dainty, these ears sit level with her eyeline, and protrude from her head in a manner that is similar to a primate. On her left ear is a series of six piercings in the cartilage."

@naked right ear is "On her right ear lies a scar that looks like a series of piercings were ripped out."

Exactly my point. I guess this could sort of come into play with biomods that occupy a singular @naked out of a pair of two. Like with eyes, ears, et cetera.
Well, not my point. I meant to say exactly what I do as well. Sorry for doublepost.
Thank you for the advice!
I also typically group unless there is a reason not to. Reasons could include clothing covering one makes and not the other.
Alternate sentence structure between nakeds parts so when they're pushed together, it reads well.

His head is oblong and conical like a fucked-up street obstruction. There's not much to look at in terms of his abdomen, just a sucked-in starvation gut. His hands are twig-thin with overgrown nails.

Changing things around for each part makes it flow when you look at the whole person. Beware of using passive voice too much to do this, which is going to drag down your desc to purple prose territory:

Necroing this, because it brings up a question for me.

Say Character A gets stabbed and lit on fire, but by some miracle, they don't die. They get some brains in various places and of course, cut up from aforementioned stabbing. They go get patched up and the injuries themselves have healed after a day or two.

Can Player A change their @nakeds to reflect potential scarring? Can they have a sweet stab wound and maybe some singed hair for a few days?

I didn't know whether something is "healed" by either a PC or NPC doc if players can opt to make changes to their nakeds to reflect things like scars, especially once healed.

(Autocorrect had a field day. "Brains" should be "bruises.")
You can indeed change your nakeds for stuff like that, but it's a by character thing.

Want to have a badass set of scars from the 16 bullets you took, go ahead.

(And again, bruises should be BURNS forget it I'm going to bed, thanks for the help)
Something quick to add in here that I haven't seen so far with a moderate skim (forgive me if I missed it): DON'T put your character name in your nakeds! As far as I'm aware--and correct me if I'm wrong here--it's a really bad idea. This goes for tattoos too. If you're ever planning on wearing a hood or mask, or trying to mask your identity at all, this is a sure-fire way to accidentally foist your character name on the people around you.

Replace your name with the pronoun you would be using for your character.


Parik's arms look like someone shrank lev-trains and slapped them onto a pile of beef.


His arms look like someone shrank lev-trains and slapped them onto a pile of beef.

I've seen this a few times, and it always puts me in a weird spot. It's a super easy mistake to make, and there's no way that I could clock who you were down to a T based on the shape of your biceps. An easy fix for this is to do @nakeds and run a quick ctrl+f for your character name.

You also can use %N, it changes with disguises
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Wow. Awesome tip, I haven't messed around with that at all. That's amazing.
Protip: Add scars from injuries so you can generate RP with a doc to have them removed at a clinic, thereby justifying +charisma. 😁
@ynk: !!!

The point of my question was specifically for RP generation. Thank you for the idea!