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OOC discussion in game
I need a candid chat about how to play

I've been hear nearly two weeks, and I still don't know what I am doing or how the game works. For example, I spent a week fretting about nabbing an apartment, checking almost every hour for the eviction notice to go away. Spent all morning on it today in fact. That should give you an idea of how much I don't know. So, if anyone is willing to put up with me for about an hour while I flood you with 1000 questions, I would appreciate it.

I am free all day. Respond here please.

You're actually supposed to learn everything in character, and you're probably doing fine. It just takes patience, but believe me, no one is sitting around saying "Who is this person who doesn't know how to play?" because we all went through it. Most people will be very helpful if you ask them in character or on SIC and will typically try to explain things in an IC way that still answers your question. The game has a long learning curve, I've been playing for over a year now and I'm still learning things left and right.

tl;dr: Don't feel bad about not knowing how things work, it's a baked-in part of the experience.

Also, since it's all coded and I confirmed everything is working, you're best bet is to find a different apartment. I suggest asking on SIC for recommendations and locations of other apartment complexes.
There are a ton of resources for learning the game:

In Game:



help theme

Video Tutorials:

Newbie Guide Online:

You should read/watch all of that. It will clear up many questions.

-- S

Ok, GRID network, I can't make a forum post about looking for an apartment because you cannot make a new account as its been down for at least two weeks. Is that IC stuff, like has it been hacked? How can I know? But really, honestly, you can not expect this sort of thing to be learned ig while still maintaining in character role playing

how much of the game's economy is seeded by players vs gms? how are jobs created? what gives an item its worth? are services all "make believe" used by .poses or are there actually some game mechanics involved?
Login to the forums/mail with the same login you used at the grid login prompt. You don't need to register a new account for mail/forums. It's misleading, but that will be fixed when Grid 3.0 is out.
You're really going to want to read the ingame help to learn what you need to learn. You learn by playing here in SD, and the background mechanics and code never really get explained, they get discovered through use.
what is death?
I'm not trying to be a jerk about this, but these are the sort of things I have been trying to figure out and learn without bothering someone's rp-experience in game
Every single question you've asked is answered in a help file in game.

help job

help death

help grid

You are not bothering us in game. These are the things that help drive RP in game. These discussions help us to know you as a new immigrant, and help you to formulate and build out your character. Fun for everyone.
As has been said, your best help will be in game.

SD has a clone system to save you from permadeath, which you can ask about IC.

When we say ask IC, usually the best way to do this is over SIC, the 'mind network' of Sindome (type help SIC in game for more on that)

By asking over SIC, you'll ask most of the playerbase in context what x y z is, and we can answer in context, for example:

"I'm having trouble getting onto the grid, can anyone help me?"

This way we can have less immersion breaking ooc help, and deal with it all IC, that makes sense?

I know you are all trying to be super helpful, and maybe this is more due to me wasting an entire morning when I could have been doing something else, but being told to figure it out myself after I wasted so much time already trying to do just that is infuriating.

I want to stress this: you folks are being awesome. The in game staff who has helped me so far has been awesome. I have absolutely nothing but the highest praise for you all.

But I reached peak frustrations long before I vented on here so publicly. Sorry folks. I was really a lost cause before I even posted here.

If anyone new folk are reading this, don't make the same mistakes I did. Don't get intimidated by the roleplaying rules and not ask for help with things for as long as I did.

Yeah I'd be pissed off too. Take the day away from the game, come back tomorrow fresh and willing to play. It's a -game-, not a chore to play :)

The generally best approach you can take is ask over SIC/another PC for help, and if they can't then bring it to @note.

If you need help with -game commands-, we have xgame for that (help channels)