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Partial Inactivity
Does NOT equate to a character only sleeping

So someone posted up in game about this and I also want to follow up. There are people who -cannot- play this as much as some others. They got RL to attend and deal with. Hence their characters may be -inactive- for a week.

Maybe you live with one of these characters who maybe sleeping. Well this does not equate that they are -only- sleeping while in Sindome 24/7 because that is just ridiculous. We talked about this in the Town Hall.

Just because A character goes to work every day in game and is there a every day and has the time to RP long periods of time and -never- sees B work there because B has a RL to attend too does not mean B is not working either. I would like it if people took this in consideration.

So people before you go off wondering why you are not seeing B character or even if you are A and live with a B who sleeps a whole week does not equate to full inactivity: when you sleep B can be assumed to be active or you can RP it that way until B is totally showing signs of complete inactivity. Then if said person is super inactive as in for a month or more well then GM and Admin can handle that by removing/celling them when and where it is needed so RP is not disrupted because maybe B's player decided not to play SD again (I hope not but hey it might happen)

So any solutions to these problems other then the ones I am stating?

I think this goes without saying.

I always assume both OOC and IC, that just because someone isn't actually online, doesn't mean they aren't in the world of Sindome. First rule of Roleplay is you don't talk..... I mean, RL comes before RP.

We all know people who are busy in real-life, who you don't hear from in ages either through FB, texts, apps...ect. Doesn't mean they aren't doing anything. In fact, especially for the Corpies, this just enhances things IC. They're too god-damn busy to deal with your piddly ass problems and business.

In the same way you treat NPCs as PCs, you should treat PCs as NPCs. Just because you say something to a PC, doesn't mean they didn't hear it.

End of the day, if someone is inactive for say, a week - when they return, they can RP it as IC (as 99.9% do).

"I was busy with work. Crazy shifts."

"Yeah they had me on nights instead of days, so that's why whenever you came home, I was sound asleep"

Ect ect

Thank you. Well put. That is exactly what I am talking about. And it enhances both roleplays. The Mixer may have been in hiding for fear of his/her life or busy doing gang related stuff or a myriad of any other ideas that pop up in their heads. Same with corpies. To busy to handle your shitty problems. Now what to do if the person becomes fully inactive and you are seeing this happen and live with someone who is fully inactive? There I do not have a solution yet.
Just my view, but I'd assume just to @add-note or xhelp it if it's been a considerable amount of time, so that staff are simply aware of it.

The person in question might of already spoken to staff via email or in game, because of a RL issue - which may be confidential - so if that is the case, I'm almost certain they would tactfully inform you that they're on hiatus and work with you from there.

But again, you'd need the staff to confirm that.

This is what you get for shacking up.
I got confused there Linekin.
What I think Linekin meant was you assume a whole bunch of responsibility RP wise for that other person when people know you live together. They assume you're always around each other, disconnected or otherwise. You can Ropeplay not caring but that in turn has IC consequences, it just gets ugly and complicated like real life roommates and relationships!

I think the bottom line is if you want your inactive time to be represented as a certain way then you better brief your roommate as to why you're inactive from an IC perspective and hope they care enough to use that as the reason when an inquiry is made about you. All in all, it's out of your hands and in someone elses.

Rant mode -

I'm not sure I'll ever shack up with someone as a roommate or otherwise ever again.

You know things are bad when you sit there waiting for each other to log in so your RP can focus solely on starting or ending the day and it turns into a playing house simulator rather than spending the majority of your time out and about looking for more dynamic and risky RP situations.

Being asked where the other person is all the time like you're there keeper, having to make excuses for them being inactive in the game. Doesn't matter if you're a grown ass man or a 10 year old feral girl from the park, eventually you get cabin fever.

Feels good getting that out of my system. :P

Gridmail can be fantastic for coordination between roommates if both have a quick/lite term. Or an e-note in the kitchen. Or just any method of leaving notes to each other.

If you say your roommate's not feeling well, maybe drop them a Get Well Soon mail, or if you want your roommate to say you caught the night shift, send them a gridmail telling them such. Even if you can only get on so often, if there's any way you can talk to your roommate without having to be on at the same time, you can use that method to clue each other in.

Probably less popular is of course contact outside of Sindome, though it removes the need to stay IC when telling someone "Hey, I've got finals. ICly, I came down with the flu, kay?"

I've given a lot of thought to this topic myself, being one of those players with limited time to play AND being in a completely different timezone.

I try to come up with reasonable excuses / explanations as to why I've been away, but in the end, as someone mentioned, my char does not sleep for 4-5 days straight from time to time. My char still gets paid even though not being at work for a few days, so I take it as things happens but just not something out of the ordinary.

Of course, for extended periods of time, celling (as I understood it's called) or telling by XHELP could be of great help.

I imagine this is one of those conceits for 'it's a game' reasons. Yes, we all know oocly inactivity means your character has been asleep for five weeks, but ICly they obviously haven't. Well, most of the time.
There's nothing wrong with not logging in for a few days or even weeks at a time.

Anyone who knows that their real-life situation requires this simply should not co-habitate with another PC.

The same goes for someone who's currently co-habitating and decides to just stop playing, PLEASE get your abandoned PC out of someone else's house.

Flip-side of this coin has to be stated.

1) There are IC repercussions for your OOC inability to play regularly. This has been stated time and time again, both by GMs and reflected by PCs. Thus, if your room mate is ticking you off IC, kick them out on the street...just one solution.

2) If you believe you are going to be absent and want to mitigate your impact on other players, there are ways of doing this. Some have already been stated, in regards to communicating about your absence. A message in @wow me is may also suffice, or your SIC tag if you're feeling bold. There are scheduling kiosks in-game, and it's up to managers as to whether they want to role-play approved absences so you don't get fired (though it might still have negative impacts). The matter of racking up rent cost IC when you're inactive is tricky. My suggestion, after struggling with this for a long time, is to just pay the rent money through donating to the game. For people who are unwilling or unable to pay for what is supposed to be a free-to-play game (which I sympathize with), this may be more difficult. I don't have a good solution for you, aside from be ready to lose your PC...which could happen at any time IC.

I'd like to see this type of thing discussed in the @newbie section. People should know what they are signing up for, right?