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SD Enjoyment
SD feels boring. Am I doing it wrong?

First a bit about me. I'm part of the younger segment of SD's playerbase, I've been playing constantly for 10 months, this is the first M** type game I've dedicated myself so much to and the only one so far, and I play a character relatively older than me.

With that out of the way, what are your experiences with SD? Where do you find your fun?

What kind of suggestions do you have for maximizing SD enjoyment?

What's the ideal SD player like? The demog?

Let's make this thread positive and constructive please.

1. Go out into the world

2. Meet people

3. Do RP with them

4. Do more RP

5. Go home to disconnect

6. Go to 1

Ok I'll try and see if this brings nonfluffy RP along.

Or even fluff but people seem really bored by that unless it's romantic.


You need goals for your character.

Scroll down to the post, By Nemisis at Jul 16, 2009 7:42 PM in this thread,, to see what I mean.

If you don't have goals for your own character, consider meeting a character who does have goals and get involved with theirs. Obstruct them or join them, either way you'll see someone else's story play out if you get invested in them. A story that's more exciting than just toodling around carrying ACME crates.

(I don't know if that's what you've been doing with your character, or if that's all you've been doing with your character, but, I remember when it was about all I did with nine, and it was like the Groundhog Day movie. Day after day was the same gameplay, nothing different, nothing changing. Boring and not much of a plot or story.)

My suggestions to anyone who might be new or struggling with establishing a character's roleplay. Have a goal for what you want from your character. Even if its just a broad idea. Engage in RP, even spontaneous interactions.

When I first started playing my character, it -was- slow, like anything I guess. I had to make some 'foundations' to get things started. Stay true to your character's goal. Meaning, don't RP something for the sake of creating RP if it isn't something you're going to follow through with or if the consequences and/or end result are going to create unwanted RP. There are no do-overs in SD.

It was hard at first to find roleplay - maybe because of where my character was, IDK. I had a lot of small, quick interactions with other players. A conversation on the mag-lev between stations. Brief introductions on an elevator. Small talk while getting tea or food. Commiserating over a beer at a pub. There were a few players that I formed a 'friendship' with but not many and certainly not enough to prevent those 'quiet' moments during gameplay that can get boring.

Don't worry if you get frustrated. I did. But, don't let that frustration make you stop. I would tell myself - it's just like RL. I'm new to a town and I'm feeling alone and invisible...what can I do to change that? What would 'I' do if I were my character - how would she react? And, I'd use those things to push me forward.

Now, things move quicker. I'm finding RP and even making some of my own. My goals are progressing and through that, there is more RP generated. Those little conversations when I was an immigrant are now turning into bigger conversations and more heavy 'non-fluffy' roleplay because I planted a 'seed'.

I think that is the important thing - at least in my opinion. It's not going to start out quick. Not usually. And, it's not going to find you unless you put in the effort. (Not saying you aren't, by any means-just making a generalization.)

As for what is the 'ideal' SD player? I don't know if there is one. I think each person has their own style. And, I think that style is borne over time and with experience.

My current character is my second one in SD. I've had lots of experience playing text-based games but this is my first one like this. My first character...she had a great deal of RP but it was probably what you would call 'fluff'. I didn't define what she was, even to myself, so in a sense, she floundered around and didn't have much depth. I had lots of people that I roleplayed with, but most of it...I would have to say she was a bit part in their world rather than being the center of her own, if that makes sense? She didn't create her own roleplay (meaning, I didn't create any roleplay specific for her) and, in the end I was dissatisfied with her because I didn't take the time to formulate her goals, be constructive with what I wanted her to do and enter into roleplay that propelled her forward in the world of SD.

Anyways, it's a learning process, I think. With the more you play, the more you develop as a character/player and the easier it gets to create and find engaging situations.

Create reasons for OTHER characters to want to interact with your own. What does your character have/know/do which others will want from your character? What does your character have the skills or the willingness or the gall to do, which they aren't doing for themselves but want someone to do for them?

When you demonstrate that you can give/sell/tell/do/say things which others can't or won't, you won't be starved for RP because your phone, SIC and term will be going off all the time. People will shout your name when you arrive where they are. You'll find yourself picking and choosing what to say NO to, because of all the attention. And best part is that you can pick and choose what you WANT - what will turn you on as a player and help you work the parts of the game that you want to work.

You have to open your door and step outside it, before you will be in this position. Find your character's sources of goods or data, prove you can accomplish skilled tasks, learn who to lean on when your own character needs stuff, persuade them with money, goods, favors or data to help you.

Pretty soon you'll have conflicts developing, too. Pretty soon you'll be seeing ways to take advantage of others and try to get away with it. This is where the thrill starts. Before, during, or after all the exposition, character building, backstory, NOW what is your CP story going to be ABOUT today?

1. Go out into the world.

2. Find someone weaker than you.

3. Deliberately create a reason for them to dislike you.

4. Wait until they say something back.

5. Abuse stealth.

6. Teleport NPCs.

7. Murder them.

8. Pat yourself on the back for enriching the game world with conflict.

9. Ban them for calling you on it.

10. Profit!!!

Cerb's ten steps to roleplaying and GMing. :)

Really, Xenode? Really?

... Anyways. My formula for SD is to take risks. Things you wouldn't risk IRL. Conflict breeds from risks.

dear @xenode,

as a newbie, you are really bumming me the fuck out. give it up. i don't know what. just leave this place alone for our and your own good.


@OP FluffyBunny2100

Hi there! I'm a (relative) newbie too. And first on only MOO/MUD I've played.

What's the ideal SD player like? The demog?

I don't know if there is a so-called Ideal player. In my time in RPing, no matter where whether tabletop or LARPing, as well as MMO's, there are a wide variety of players even if there seems to be groups (There is a thread on What type of Gamer are you here in the SD forums.) so, imo, no ideal player so to speak, except that they will, from time to time at least, help create RP and RP situations. Even if that's going out and talking to people, exploring and bringing someone with you, hearing on sic someone that needs a courier and you might know someone. Knowing a skill you can use to sell your services (either at a business or freelance) and create possibilities that way. Also, knowing your own goals from your history or any new ones (short term and long) and using people to help you achieve those goals or using them to help you achieve step toward your goals.

Demographics? There are characters who are kids up to in their 50's. As for player demographics, all over.

What are your experiences with SD? Where do you find your fun? "Fun" can be too many things. And can't get into experiences as that would be IC. ;) But, observing corporate and Mix intrigue & backstabbing, observing families (mafias) actually showing themselves and becoming more apart of Withmore than when I first showed up. There are some people who've gotten together to explore some other areas including the Badlands or the park on Red. They do this for curiosity or even "Fun". Some might like to learn on how to create things and that is their "Fun".

And some might like going out and drinking or playing drinking games or dancing.

What kind of suggestions do you have for maximizing SD enjoyment?

Have fun with your history and create both short term and long term goals. You can always create other goals once you've been playing a little while. Then, go out and meet people and create contacts that will help you achieve those goals at some point. Learn to use "Examine" more often than you likely are.

Remember also, style over substance. (You gotta look good. It's all about the look.)

It's better to not RP alone so go out and meet people but, if you gotta take it easy one night, that's fine too. Maybe there's grid stuff to catch up on. Gridmails and meetings to schedule for your nefarious purposes. (Or not so nefarious but intrigues are fun or can be.)

Remember that being killed or messing up and falling and dying, that's fun too.

Oh! Have fun with SIC and enjoy the consequences.

All that can be fun.

Long post but you are forming more ideas now?