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So planning ahead with the realization that whoever I'm playing is likely temporary, I wondered if it's possible to play the sibling of another player. Something like the X brothers/sisters?

If so, how would you manage to get around the no IC discussion in any place to coordinate doing this? Or is this sort of concept just not theme appropriate?

I expect that's just going to require too much ooc communication about your characters to be viable within the rules.

Nice idea though, but probably one to avoid.

I've asked about this before and it requires too much meta information. It is a cool concept though!
I have seen it happen once. The way I see it, of course there should be ooc communication to grow backstory, but nothing past that.
From my understanding, generally playing as someone from anyone's past who didn't meet directly in Withmore as PC characters is avoided all together, too much OOC info and whatnot.
I really want this to be a thing.

But there might not be a really good way to pull it off with the way site/game rules work right now. Especially when you consider the amount of extra work that would be put onto Staff versus what there is to gain from it.

That being said, creative problem solving can be fun, and I want this, so I'm gonna offer an idea.

There are already certain players who have been around for a while, who are trusted enough to make their characters natives of Withmore. In that same vein, certain players could be trusted enough to apply to a "Family Shell." More on what a "Family Shell" is in a bit, but doing so basically means "I really want my character to be part of an IC family, and am willing to either make concessions on my character's backstory to do so, or keep my character's backstory as neutral as possible to make that happen."

So, a "Family Shell." This is basically... Mother and Father with staff-chosen first names and Family name. Staff decides up to how many children can be in this family. Staff decides where this family was located; likely in a different sector of Red. Staff decides what the mother and father did for work, and the general disposition of the mother and father. Disposition as in... Were they neglectful? Kind? Abusive? Addicted to only 2 kinds of drugs, or 5?

Then players may submit a "Family Shell" application via e-mail, but players will not know any IC details at all. All the player knows is they are applying to be part of a "Family Shell."

And there's a time-window to operate on here. So maybe a specific "Family Shell" is open to application for 2-3 weeks or something. If you don't apply within that time-window, you don't get to be part of the family.

But if you make it in and Staff approves your application, Staff then e-mails you what your character's surname will be, and at this point you are 100% locked in to this. And I guess staff would also e-mail you the names of your siblings....?

Look at that convoluted mess of a suggestion I wrote up there lol. I think that convoluted mess would be the best shot of having actual siblings in the game, and I don't really think siblings would be worth that much trouble.

Or just have existing characters be able to write out a history for a sibling and have it approved by staff. When someone goes into the light, they have the option to pick a list of potential sibling names from a list of ones that have been approved, and are given a pre-written backstory to base their new character off of.
I feel 99% certain this is something that has been broached in the past, like years-years past, and repeatedly shot down for many reasons (many already voiced in this thread). It makes me extremely uncomfortable because it just feels so ripe for OOC / meta'ing corruption by its very nature.
Just don't forget about the original SD brothers, Cain and Abel when RPing siblings or I am going to be really disappointed in y'all. And you know how their story goes.
This won't get approved, I also don't remember it ever being done when Slither myself or Johnny were actively administering the game.
You can address each other as siblings for whatever reason even though you're not and deal with the IC consequences of that.
The powergaming with this one is over 9000.
Nothing stops your characters from forming some sort of bonding ritual that could make your characters family in their own way.

You can always just join the same gang or get biomodded to look like relatives.