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The prevalence of Technology

The lack of "technology jobs" has me thinking about technology in general.

How prevalent is technology, especially high tech gear in Withmore generally and in the Mix specifically?

Is technology one of those things like cyberware, clean water and safety that is normally limited to the corporate citizens?

Is technology the sort of like cyberware and nice clothing in that only the most successful of Mixers will ever own their own television, or QuickTerm?

When it comes to professions and the prevalence of technicians, are they relatively rare in the Mix? Are technicians like doctors or other "professionals" who usually flee topside for all of the implicit benefits (safety, steady pay, etc)? Or are technicians pretty common due to there being a constant need to keep all of the hand me down and recycled technology working?

I am really curious to hear everyone's perspective on this.

I treat technology and technician as fairly common but a bit of a lost art. Due to Withmore's high immigrant population and draconian technology, the majority of technicians are simply just ill-prepared for life in Withmore.

You can buy it, you can use it, but few people learn how to modify or otherwise truly engage with Withmore technology outside with what the corporations allow them too. So, like in modern life, technical-minded people are a dime a dozen but the truly exceptional are rare.

I will say there's a few entry-level technologies and activities out there that I just don't see happening. Frankly, I think due to a lack of experienced people invested in nurturing the IC tech community - these things have just been forgotten about much like the dark ages. I'd encourage people to engage with NPC's to learn what they're missing out on and GM's to consider stocking these long-forgotten items in stores along with the market.

Certainly, in a notably down trodden part of the city there are several hovels that seem to suggest a very active techno-hacker-cobbled-together culture.

This is a place where I wonder if maybe there's a room in some fashion for 'cosmetic' low end technical stuff that uses Electro Tech instead of Artistry to craft. Might be worth an @idea.