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Themely Minial Labor
And the Mix/Topside Divide.

After a nice discussion on XOOC I have been trying to think of ways for characters to make use of other characters. Along the way I began to wonder how to do this wile still respecting the Corpie/Mixer divide.

I guess what it really comes down to is this: Is a corpie using a mixer as a source of cheap, menial labor themely or would they seek to hire topsiders only (who would probably be insulted if offered such work)?

Made up Example: Misses Corpie wants to throw a dinner party and invites several or her corpie friends to her home. Of course, she has an image to maintain so she want's to hire someone to prepare the food and drinks using her kitchen and to wait on her and her guests.

Would her hiring a mixer to do this kind work as a one off job be unthemely? What would be the themely solution to a corpie's need for such labor? On the flip side, would it be themely for a mixer to do this kind of job or would it ruin them?

I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask this kind of thing but I find myself wondering if the push to emphasize the divide between mixer and topsider might have be a barrier for corpie characters to involve others in play by hiring them.

A corpie would NEVER let a Mixer in their own home. That'd be a social suicide and they'd run the risk of getting all their belongings plundered by the filthy scumbag. The themely solution is to hire a shirt or a lower rank corpie. Topsiders hire Mixers when they need something that can be found only in Red and most of the time that is illegal and stuff that doesn't need to be publically known.
I'm curious about where Immies would fit into this divide. I've seen immies treated as corporate citizens and I've seen immies treated as the lowest of mixers. Do they have a semi official status, or is more on how the individual immy conducts themself? IE: dresses neatly as possible, stays clean, and is polite vs dirty depot rags and telling everyone in the dome to fuck off?
Playing as an immy currently I will keep this as vague as possible.

I have had multiple conversations with people of all social classes, and have been given chances to be involved at the lowest of the low in the topside food chain. Mind you I've had offers of the same caliber down in red too. It really matters on how you roleplay your character. If you're a hardcore mixer who's completely in tune with mixer culture, it'd be unthemely for you to want to work topside as someone's glorified house servant, and neither would they want someone like you in their home. If you're an immy who resides in red but is trying to work their way topside, you will probably be treated a bit better, and perhaps even given some pointers on how to make the climb upwards. This is all just conjecture on my own observances in Sindome over the past very short while I've been playing.

I agree with Brunsauce on this as well, and am gonna try to be somewhat discreet too. I've found that as long as your immy character ACTS like they belong topside, like they've been around wealth, dress well, smell good, possesses manners and a polite composure, you should be able to find work there. But again, these are just the observations of someone who's only been playing for a short time.