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Why are new immigrants naked?
Eww! That immigrant is all @naked and stuff!

One question that I have wondered about - why do all new immigrants to RED (or at least the ones I've played) come into the city without any clothes on? It seems kind of weird to me. Do we assume they came in from the desert with cash, but no clothes? Did their clothes get confiscated on the way in to immigration? Or is there another reason behind it?

Not a big deal, just wondering...

To force them to learn the commands early on (purchasing, examining, wearing, removing, etc).

Makes sense. Question asked, question answered!

Late reply, but when I started, I came up with the idea that my clothes were jacked while I was unconscious on the pavement. I'm curious though... what are some other IC explanations?

Your clothes were jacked but they were kind enough to leave you with enough money to get into the city? Sounds too convenient, I smell conspiracy!


I blame customs of the city. They don't want you bringing anything illegal into the city, and the easiest way to make sure that doesn't happen, and the cheapest to boot (which is fitting with theme!) is to make sure you don't come in with jack or shit.

This fits with corporate immigration, too, where you are given supplies once you are through the gates.

We're all living in a computer generated conscious within Red Sector. When you get stamped, you're actually passing out and being taken into the Grid. Once in there you begin to live life out through an entirely simulated experience that is monitored by the corporate giants. Your body heat is turned into energy which is, in turn, used to generate electricity. Considering your mind thinks you are doing it all, the body is made to react in kind, generating huge amounts of energy. This heat energy is syphoned off to create green electricity, which in turn powers the machines that create and sell tech back to those who are living in the flesh.

Of course to make sure its legal you are all illegal immigrants that get paid a wage by this corporation. Conveniently you spend all that wage in the generated world which belongs to a single mega corp. If you happen to get killed, your memory is wiped and your left outside the city. Welcome to purgatory.


human body heat is green electricity, hahahahaahahahah.

ToxPower... Brought to you by the makers of Soylent!

Green electricity is people.