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xhelp before you...
What CAN'T we do?

I have approached the game as a free for all. If there is coded support for something, you can do it. That runs the gamut from "attacking" any character object out there, to throwing explosives at whatever you want to, to shadowing people around, etc.

Basically if the command is available, it is fair game to use it.

Except there are apparently some exceptions.

In one of the exceptions, there is a nice big block of warning text that alerts you that you should xhelp before using a certain type of object in certain parts of the city.

Another exception is vehicle theft. Although it is fully possible without admin intervention, it is not "allowed". But unlike the using certain objects example above, there is not any warning text appended to the command(s) or vehicle object verb(s) to let new players know that they should xhelp ahead of time.

What else are we supposed to get permission for before we do it?

topside crime
Throwing a bomb into any establishment or street.


I'm fully for this

I've been trying to find a full list for a while now.

From my time in the game, the only things that needs an xhelp are a topside public crime, or any robbery heist in any shop of the dome. I imagine causing mischief in space like depressurising FreeSky should count too (remember, staff? ;D).

Including, of course, when you need an inmediate puppet, like when you're in the middle of a hot hot operation withe jakes merely one room behind you.

one rarely brought up is places in the mix that have NPCs which would usually respond to violence, etc. you'd be surprised at who would try to kick your shit in for certain things.

ofc you don't need to xhelp before shanking someone on a busy mix street tho, just to clarify.

I've been told to xhelp before spraypainting ganger turf where you'd be seen publicly, such as streets.

Also, whenever attacking gang bases.

I don't think it's all streets.

It's more if there is an NPC on that block that would kick your shit in for tagging the wrong thing.

It's more of a system than a list but this comes in two forms:

Secure Zones:

If you want to do something in a secure zone that said security is intended to ward off, xhelp first. Currently, secure zones are topside, prison, heavily guarded places and the like. It does not include most locations in RED. We don't want to hamper PvP but we also need to be able to make the world respond to the things it SHOULD respond to.

Treating NPCs Like People:

NPCs are people and they should be capable of reacting to a range of things that the code doesn't support. So if you want to do something to an NPC or in front of an NPC that really should get a response from them that the code is not providing, xhelp first.

And please keep in mind: When we say xhelp first, we mean xhelp and get confirmation that a GM is ready to go. Not xhelp then do. Yes. This might throw your plan off but sometimes you just have to adjust your plans to fit the GMs' availability.

Another thing you might xhelp before, because it's a situation where consequences may occur.

Public Sex or lewdity. Some groping on red happens all the time, but if you're dry fucking someone in the Sly, or stripping clothes to fuck someone in the dromes shitter, it's probably worthy of reaction by someone in the crowd.

What's the deal with dismemberment kind of stuff? People often talk about removing fingers, ears, etc. Is that an xhelp thing? Or is that merely changing @nakeds or @describe?
In most cases it's updating nudes.

In other cases, it can involve removing a body part of the person if you -require- having the physical object for some plot or something.

If you're trying to completely remove a body part (eye, arm, leg), there is code for this but it's not always appropriate to use it. You can edit the @naked in the short term and the victim can maybe open a service request to have a staff member actually remove the part. If it's just some toes or something you just edit the @naked.

As I understand it you should be xhelping whenever you're doing topside crime of any kind and also xhelping if you're doing Mix crime where someone would probably notice and try to stop you (tagging graffiti in front of enemy gangers, blowing up a restaurant, etc). You don't need to do it if you're just rolling a Mixer PC or pickpocketing.