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Unable to Connect (New Player)


I made a character yesterday (18 hours ago according to my character list) for the first time and played for several hours. I went to sleep in a coffin and am trying to log back in tonight.

I was left logged-in on the website so I clicked my username at the top and then clicked "manage characters" after trying to access the Grid and failing. Once in the character list, I clicked "play" next to my character name, which brings up the black/white interface, which then states that this username doesn't exist.

Once you click play you'll need to log in using your character name to the actual MOO, not your website username. Type in:

connect (char name) (char password)

I think your password should have been e-mailed to you.

That was it, I forgot that it was an auto-generated password. I hope I can change that at some point.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

You can change your password with the @password command. Help password is a great file to review.