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"If you do this I will leave the city."
Please consider what you say before you say it.

I've seen this about a dozen times in the past couple of days and it's starting to really drag me down.

I know that if things go wrong for your character that it can seem like a valid IC reason to "leave" the city, but we don't allow you to leave, you have to suicide. So, it's not a very solid threat to be making from an OOC/IC persective.

That brings me to my second point, if you are going to threaten someone with, "If you do X, I will leave the city." the responses to this I am seeing indicate that people will change up their entire roleplay to prevent this, because either A, they don't want to be the reason someone suicides a good character, or B, they don't want to lose an RP partner.

I think this response to conflict and consequence is more impactful OOCly than it is ICly, while I can see there may be valid uses for it, I haven't observed one situation that makes me feel like it's actually a good idea to use.

So, while there's no rules against this, please stop and consider that what you're saying may be asking people to make a conscious OOC choice instead of an IC choice for their character, and be aware that we're watching and if habits start to form in the realm of OOC guilt to prevent IC consequences, even if it's indirect, we may just have to adjust rules or policy to try to protect people from being victimized by OOC guilt.

Thanks for taking the time to improve your roleplay.


Thank you for bumping this.