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Automated door locking macros
Yay or nay?

Now this is a bit of sore spot, and yet very common macro I see around. It works like this: in your macro to open doors and exit/enter apartment, while also enabling a trigger macro that on some description/name of the room automatically closes the door, and then disable itself to prevent spamming outside of opening the doors.

I think those are not okay. This means your character will never forget to close the doors, because macro (and yet IRL humans do it all the time), and also it puts you an unfair advantage against someone who may try to use that window of opportunity to sneak into your place, as while they face reaction time for typing in "sneak w101" after the door opens up, you will send "close w101" as soon as out through the door.

So I think that those are not fair. I am a happy user of exiting/entering macros myself, but the follow-up trigger part is not fair in my mind. Yep, that means you will forget to lock the doors behind you, just like we all do IRL from time to time.

There are plenty of ways around this if the thief knows what they're doing.
What Vera said. A decent thief will get through that anyway. That being said, I don't like it. Efficiency macros are iffy for me. It makes sense for some actions to be a macro, like drawing a gun from a closed holster, but magically remembering to close your door and doing so instantly... That's iffy.

There are much better ways of protecting one's home anyway.

I am sure there are, but well, if it's an advantage it doesn't make sense for it to be allowed, right? Or because there are ways around it, it's fine for it to be an advantage?

Probably worth bumping Slither's thread, rather than starting a new one. If he deletes auto-macros your problem is solved :D

In the meantime, I would say it's a tool available to all, and think it would be silly to start trying to regulate individual macros. So let them do it.

I do think all auto macros should be permed though ;)

I forgot that the old thread existed, doh. Sorry.