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chained movement resuming unexpectedly

Lately I have noticed that if chained movement is interrupted when walking, such as if your hands are too full to use an exit or the door is closed, it will resume once the situation is resolved and you manually move through that exit again. During this state, additional chained movement requests are ignored (and potentially appended to the existing chained movement). Now personally I would love this feature to be intended, but the inconsistency of it can be problematic, especially when attempting to close a door behind ones self or pick up an item that was dropped.

Also, it doesn't happen in the tubes when driving that I have noticed, which would be a perfect use-case for it.

Movement in Sindome is a mess. Period. .

'stop w' is your friend. Use it, probably more often than you want to or feel that you should have to.

"Embrace the suck." Like, the fact that movement just sucks.