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Going to XOOC to bitch about BGBB
It's really rather annoying

So this is a trend I've noticed. When a thread gets started that draws considerable discussion, people inevitably move a portion of that discussion over off the BGBB into the more temporal grounds of xooc.

To me this is a little disingenuous to do and ultimately, is a bad thing. As it results in parts of the discussion, being on the BGBB, and parts of the discussion being in XOOC at the time the BGBB posts are happening. With the lack of an ability for players to review the XOOC logs. It can lead to arguments being retread there or on the BGBB. Sometimes weirdly out of sync.

It can also lead to lots of players missing out on crucial bits of discussion in their own topics on the BGBB, because someone decided to move the discussion into xooc. Where it got discussed to death and not posted on anymore after that.

I think as a playerbase, we should distinguish and strive to separate the thoughtful BGBB discussions from the generally faster paced ludic conversations of XOOC. It might be better for us as a playerbase on the whole to keep each section segmented and restrain commenting on the drama on the BGBB within the game. As that would further isolate and allow a place to cool down for those who might be heated by BGBB discussions.

No one wants to get into an argument in one place, go to another to relax and get drawn back into the same argument they just left... Right?


You're really trying to make an argument for no reason. People are allowed to discuss the game on OOC Chat. If you want to participate do so, if not leave the channel.
The problem Villa, becomes when discourse ceases to involve the original participants because of the BGBB being an out of game method of communication that can be accessed without accessing the game.

When there are discussions that die down, not because of opinions voiced in the original thread on the BGBB, but instead on xooc, which a player may not have access too until hours later well after the one page log is cleared.

I've seen a couple threads in the ideas forum die, after about two to six posts, because it was instantly taken into xooc, and basically given a treatment of "just don't respond." Or simply discussed there instead of in the thread itself.

That leaves a gap in knowledge both for the people reviewing the threads at a later date for inspiration in constructing their own ideas. Or for a myriad of other reasons.

Sure you can discuss things that happen on the BGBB in xooc, however, why not discuss what you want to say in the thread itself where there is a permanence and a degree of thought that has to go into each post?

Which is the better strategy for maintaining a healthy community? And why do you think people head to xooc to talk about threads on the BGBB in the first place? Why discuss an idea there rather than discuss it in it's thread? What's the purpose that is being accomplished? Is it merely to bitch, in which case, why do that? Or is it to foster a faster discussion?

Just a few things to consider rather than simply accusing me of seeking to simply make an argument.

Actually I've heard this complaint a few times in local OOC and brought up on the board in the past. Where discussion available to the community as a whole, opinions and inputs, don't get the chance to flourish because of the switch to xooc or the questions being asked to xooc.

It's a valid criticism. Yes, sometimes immediate feedback is necessary, but also the opportunity for everyone to be involved is needed as well.

I sound off in xooc to bounce opinions off the other people in the chatroom when I don't want a bunch of longform posts or I just want to have a laugh without posting unconstructively.

Nobody has to be in the chat and nobody's missing any hot sclusies if they aren't

The admin angle to this is that staff should be disciplined about giving ideas being discussed on the BGBB time for the appropriate level of feedback from the community before moving forward with the idea. Ideas formed on the ooc-chat channel might more quickly be acted upon, but if there is effort by a community member to involve those currently on the game, staff should respect that processes longer form. That may mean not taking part in the ooc-chat discussion or delaying any implementation to give BGBBers appropriate time to respond.
Appreciate the insight on that Johnny. Thank you.
I missed an important NOT in my previous comment.

... but if there is effort by a community member to involve those NOT currently on the game, staff should respect that processes longer form ...

My takeaway from the last couple of weeks has been that staff would prefer all of us to just play the game and work things out ICly.

Bringing "complaints" about IC things to the OOC boards in general, and Ideas board specifically, is borderline inappropriate. Instead of pushing back on something OOCly and trying to change the game that way, do it ICly.

All of the time spent going back and forth on BgBB or xooc is time that would be more effectively spent ICly. By effectively, I mean more likely to be recognized and accepted by both the staff and other players.


Not necessarily, IMO. I mean...the boards are here for a reason. I think what is brought up, and how, and the discussion that follows, is all what is/isn't appropriate or otherwise. Not everything can just be worked out IC'ly.