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Not logging off while away from the game

There was a long discussion on ooc-chat about rule 4.D and the fairness of idling.

Some felt that idling gave players access to information they shouldn't have (like SIC logs while they were asleep), that it might break immersion while being surveilled, that it was impolite to be unresponsive to other players and so on.

Others felt that it was allowed, unharmful and that the wording of rule 4.D states clearly that the game was designed in a way to allow one to stay logged in for up to 24 hours and that this behavior is fine.

Instead of continuing the debate on ooc-chat, I thought it would be best to post here and ask for staff to clarify the rule and expectation.


We used to force an idle off at 1 hour. We raised that to 24 hours. You don't get UE if you are idle for more than a certain amount of time, so you can't just collect it that way.

I can understand the arguments on both sides, but I rarely see folks more than an hour idle. It's not against the rules, but it's also completely IC to treat someone differently if they are constantly unresponsive to you when you SIC / talk to them.

I would implore folks not to go idle in public spaces, because A. you will be robbed and B. it's bad form, of course.

I'm interested in hearing the further argument on both sides though.

In another thread I suggested a 'sleep' command for people who really wanted to idle for any other reason but shouldn't have access to SIC logs. Sleep would make them unaware of anything happening around them, they'd have to 'wake' to be active again. This was a solution I put forward and can be found in the Ideas subforum.

I think the idea is that they could just disconnect if they wanted to sleep. I have no issue with people idling a bit and then catching up on RP. It's not against the rules to idle icly.