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Immigration Greeters: Essential Info
Discuss essential info that greeters could be giving

One of the Town Hall topics under consideration is new player retention. This is a big topic and one we could spend an entire town hall on. We can't do that, so I'm breaking this specific portion off into a BGBB post for us to discuss.

We've already made some improvements to better ensure we have more Immy greeters, but we can also take some steps to make sure that the Immy greeters are setting new players up for success by discussing what information could be considered the most important for them to provide new players, and then the GMs & Coders can make sure that information is provided to Immy Greeters ICly.

Of course, they can still do whatever they want, cause it's IC, but I think most folks in the job would appreciate some direction, now and in the future.

So the rules for this post are as follows:

You can make suggestions, but they be so specific as to reveal IC information. This is a challenge, obviously. I'll be monitoring this post, and the results of it will be turned into something in character that Immy Greeeters will be trained with. So assume that if you say 'introduce the new player to the coffins' or 'show them where to buy clothes' you do NOT need to include where those locations are. I will be able to figure it out.

Our goal here isn't to talk about the SPECIFICS of what should be said (that can change over time anyway), but rather the knowledge that you think new players should have when they are entering the dome and getting their first dose of the city, the theme, and the game itself.

I will start with a few:

* Show them where the sleeping coffins are and let them know how long they are able to stay in them

* Show them where to buy clothes and help them navigate the commands

* Introduce them to how speaking/watching/listening works

* Point them (OOCly) to the @tutorials

* Give them a breakdown of the general layout of the Mix, including the gangs & law enforcement

* Give them an overview of the layout of the city & its different levels

* Point them toward warehouse & package running work

* Show them to a popular bar where they can find others to interact with

I agree with a lot of this, but I also think another important tip is give focus on how to not perm. That's not to say to tell a new player who to kill and who not to, but to point them to @newbie (since I believe that covers doing your background so you can find work) and give some instruction how to make chy until that player can get a clone. Once that's set, I like the rest of this list.
Personally, to keep it -super- simplistic, my list is basically:

1: Clothes (and basic commands, etc)

2: How to SIC

3: Work and Where to find it (including where/who might be most suitable depending on their archetype)

4: How to use the Grid (and find useful navigational tools therein)

5: Give them a little survival advice/how to get started (how to use SIC/phones to get simple player-driven work/who not to piss off in your first 24hrs)

6: Send them off to explore (don't just ditch them on the street, try and find some people for them to interact with before you rush off), and tell them to keep in touch

7: Once the immy's had a bit of an explore of the world and got comfortable, help them connect with people that can be mentors/employers/etc... assuming they ever bother to contact you again ;)

Slither already mentioned it, but given the recent conversation and changes around Watching it's worth reiterating the importance of Greeters mentioning it to new characters.

One other thing that I do is try to give some basic tips on how to mitigate the losses from the inevitable dippings and muggings. I have seen characters quit after losing a week's worth of work in the blink of an eye.

It is a delicate balancing act to future pace conflict though. On one hand, I want to build some resiliency into the player so that they do not quit it when it happens. On the other, I do not want to spoil the fun and discovery that comes with being a new player and having to overcome all of the challenges inherent in playing here.

Without getting too specific about IC info, since town hall I have had a couple of new immies brought to me because a greeter identified that their archetype lined up with mine, and this has worked out super well for all involved. It's fun seeing players taking on complex roles and getting involved with established PCs sooner rather than getting stuck in the early game crate-running rut.
I know people will follow their PCs agendas and the like, with Mixers not wanting to create more corpies, but I hope people are at least being given a run-down of topside as well. Obviously, takes some mental gymnastics and I don't want anyone to break character, but there could be some people better suited for it. I know I've turned away people because they were more geared for the pace of the Mix.
It's probably not out of character for a WCS greeter to do that (include topside considerations in the orientation).
This mixer taught one simple trick to a BRAND NEW immigrant that earned him TENS of THOUSANDS of CHY! ACME hates him!

Jokes aside, I think the most valuable thing an immy greeter can do is nudge new players towards plot or a niche. I think most, if not all greeters know to explain the basics. Remember that your job is not to make the immy earn money, it's to make him able to enjoy the game and that requires 0 chyen. Give them some crumbs from your knowledge. Point them to an NPC or player they might interact well with. Tell them of an ongoing plot you know about. You aren't a tutorial.

I've seen far too many immies who just sit in bars and run crates all day.