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Player tailored item precedence
yeah yeah "armor".

Player tailored items should take precedence over armor in a player's short desc. @gl quickly identifies armor, but the flashiest item a player is wearing really should be what you 'see' about them when they enter a room.
I have a feeling gl identifies the most valuable piece of clothing? Not sure on this.

There have definitely been instances in which I've seen characters wearing meticulously crafted tailored gear referred to as doughboys over the one item of armour they wear though.

It's a combination of factors. Armor is not always put over clothing. I've seen clothing plenty of times going over armor, including armor that is incredibly 'standoutish'.
@crashdown I'm struggling to come up with how the precedence works then? I ran into a situation where a player created item be reasonably expected to overwrite a fairly minor armor item in the short desc. However, the aforementioned minor armor item instead showed up.
It's supposed to be "most noticeable", which sometimes is most valuable, sometimes is biggest, sometimes is brightest, sometimes is none of the above.
This seems to be asking for abuse if it were implemented. You'd have people tailoring items specifically to make it harder to quickly notice an armor. If this weren't a PVP game I'd be all over it. As it is, we need to be able to quickly assess what kind of protection someone has.
Part of the arcane magic of advanced tailoring. It's possible to weight a given item towards shortdescing through various means you can learn through experimentation.