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Strange @tutorials

Is the communication @tutorial supposed to echo everything through the "display" in the tutorial room? Duplicating everything with two different colors of font makes something that's already hard to read nearly impossible.
Yes. It's so you can practice emoting/posing and see what others see from a third/second person perspective opposed to just a first person one. It makes it easier for you to learn how to use the system beyond the help file. A lot of people get nervous and uncertain when first coming to the game about employing posing especially.
I didn't catch that the tutorial gave you the opportunity to practice anything. Instead, it just has you watch the scenario. It also duplicates all of the OOC messages, which just looks broken.
I will take a look and see if it's malfunctioning.
I didn't understand the purpose of the Emoting tutorial until I had been playing the game for a couple of weeks.

Once you start using 'pose' and running into the syntax issues, the purpose of the security monitor will make more sense.