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Tokens Don't Attack Rival Gang Members

It seems like PC gang members walk around with near impunity on each other's turf because the tokens / momentos don't recognize them as rivals.

All of the flavor text on the rooms seems to imply that rivals found on each other's turf are quickly dealt with.

What gives? Is there some larger, long standing dynamic at play that I'm not aware of?

If NPCs attacked rival PC gangers on sight, playing ganger would be unplayable. And also small worldy, there are hundreds/thousands of people crossing those streets. Although they can attack certain players on sight.
The gangs are also not always fighting. Sometimes someone is limping to the clinic or there's something more important going on than turf squabbles.

Also they might not always care, or someone might be big and bad enough that they're cowed, or they're busy and don't notice.

And like Marleen said, it would be unplayable if they autoattacked. It's up to ganger PCs to not meta and to treat the ganger NPCs like hostile threats. @note if you think someone is abusing the system by strutting around with impunity or something.


@note or xhelp?

I see it frequently.

I doubt that you see frequent abuse of it, and I say that as a ganger player who has pretty good eyes on what is going on. Walking in front of opposite gangers without disguise is perfectly fine and not meta (although if the staff decides to animate one of those NPCs and spank you, well, you will get done). If you do anything that would make them react, you are required to XHELP beforehand.
I also never see this. Players simply moving through rooms are not necessarily walking around like they own the place. Maybe they're hauling ass like the warriors so they don't get got.

It's up to PC gangers to patrol turf if they want to keep other PC gangers off it and they have lots of tools to do so.

Gangs aren't meant to have their turf locked down with constant surveillance and security. Think about how crowded the streets are. Slipping into rival turf, ducking through alleys or rushing past a bunch of rival NPCs etc. while undisguised is perfectly fine as long as the PCs are respecting the fact that they might get their ass beat if they draw too much attention.
When I was a pre-code ganger they auto-attacked.

It sucked. It made leaving your own street such a chore that it was almost not even worth it. There was also no roof hopping, but even with roof hopping I would say it is such a terrible chore to play SD with an entire faction @hating you and auto-attacking.

Two factions or three depends how you count. Your RP would be limited to just your turf, and even that would still be a danger zone due to disguises.
Right. I'm just talking when it was Crips n bloods boiiiiii.

I'm fairly certain they ignored disguise too. Don't quote me in that.

That sounds... awful. I can't imagine that gangers had much of PC membership back then.
Well that is up for debate. We had a few, but the playerbase was also waaaaaay smaller. So 3 or 4 of us in the gangs out of 20 players when 8 or 9 were on at any one time. It was still fun, but the survivability is not as good as it is now.
Thanks for the responses. It was automatic, and that was too hard. Makes sense.