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Automated Income Cap Skills/Stats
Dynamic Usage of CHA/INT/Trading

Right now everyone makes the same flat rate weekly, expecting a certain time of the week to "rollover" and allow them to make more.

Why I'm suggesting a change to make the weekly cap based on CHA/INT/Trading to not only make these skills and stats more viable in the long run, but also create more of a disparity and player based economy.

Along with a possible suggestion to randomize rollover times independently.

Per character? Universal? Per "type" of automated job or faction associated with them?

I fucking love this idea for a number of reasons I'm too tired to explain.
This is an interesting idea. I don't see the downsides yet so I'm giving it a cautious...


One thing I want to add is some of the automated payouts are reliant on CHA/INT already, so if this is going to be implemented, maybe divorcing them from those stats would probably smart (since those stats would already be involved in income calculation).
I support anything that improves the support for non-combat characters, especially INT-focused characters who have some of the worst prospects when they ought to have some of the best.

The main issue I foresee is a significant bulk of CHA/INT-oriented players don't interact meaningfully with the weekly earnings cap, so perhaps automated salary takes a modifier also/instead?

Automated Salary modifiers shouldn't be put in for juniors, in my opinion. They shouldn't have too much sway, being on probation.
Love this idea.
Basing the weekly cap on CHA/INT/Trading would really put all new players at an additional and massive disadvantage and make the curve even worse.
I am in support of anything that makes INT/CHA characters more viable. I'm sure there's much I haven't yet discovered in the game but things that utilize those stats seem to have a wide gap compared to other stats. So I'm a big fan of this idea and think from an IC perspective, it makes a lot more sense than everyone having the same cap.

As far rollover times, there's a lot you can do with that. Maybe the day of the week the character came to the dome? So if JoeBaka created on a Saturday, his rollover also is a Saturday? Just spit-balling, I'm not married to that idea at all.

I would say the OP isn't -quite- right when they say everyone makes the same flat rate on automated income on a weekly basis. In theory that's sort of right, but actually in practice that's not true.

And while it would be nice to be able to bump up weekly earnings as a CHA/INT based character, I personally think any focus on this sort of thing should more involve finding ways to increase the ability of CHA/INT PCs to use *other* PCs to exploit the NPC economy, rather than just giving them more chyen for doing what is effectively solo-grind stuff.

Particularly in the Mix, I think CHA/INT PCs are at a massive disadvantage compared to Combat PCs (at least at the lowbie-midbie stages) when it comes to utilising other PCs to make chyen using the automated systems, simply because of well, most of you probably understand why, and I should probably avoid any details here.

To quote Ephemeralis:

"This is an excellent idea and we should do this. Make fixers the font of greater automated income and make all the dumb, ugly brutes work through them to get a piece of their pie, as it should be."

This I agree with, and it should involve interactions with other PCs, not just directly with automated systems, in my opinion. How can it be done? I'm not really sure.

There's rules in place to limit the disparity between fixers and face-punchers in this regard, but currently the PC-PC-NPC economy still leaves the average lowbie fixer working extremely hard for loose change compared to what a lowbie combat char can earn in a matter of moments.

Maybe I'm just being a complete blank, but that's how I see things at the moment.

Trying to write this without going in to any details..

I think something that assists fixers as a 'font', as mentioned above, would be a good thing. I can only imagine that it is disheartening to a lowbie/midbie fixer that they cannot even come close to competing on margins with a combat character when it comes to obtaining certain items that can commonly be flipped for the automated income system. I'm not sure how this would be coded in, if implemented, but it sure would be cool to figure something out.

There's some great NPC's and other methods for a skilled fixer to make an insane amount of chyen. If anything, those should ramped up a little. I think the primary limiter just like any PC is capital. The more flash a fixer has to invest - the more they stand to gain. There's a little bit of RNG with the current system but when you get lucky - the margins are solid.
(Sample size of one)

I play a non-combat INT based character and have no problems earning chy in the current economy. I do it with a mixture of automated systems and working with other characters.


You can make an absolute killing as a fixer if you know what you're doing and have the money to invest and the skill to network, no question there. I would say most characters, especially newer characters, are not on that level and don't have that know-how. I still like HC's idea, I'm not sure giving a little boost to Cha/Int characters is a bad idea.

Basing the weekly cap on CHA/INT/Trading would really put all new players at an additional and massive disadvantage and make the curve even worse.

Not when they'd be making the same as they were before, without know the tricks of the trade. And it'd put an important fork in their development. Do they want to focus on INT/CHA or do they want to focus elsewhere?

I would say the OP isn't -quite- right when they say everyone makes the same flat rate on automated income on a weekly basis. In theory that's sort of right, but actually in practice that's not true.

Well... Yeah. It's a generalization. Everyone has the same -capacity- to make virtually the same amount of chy off the automated systems besides the randomized payout variables? Is that better?

Jesus Christ, I need a lawyer to post on this board anymore.

XD feels like I'm the one that needs a lawyer to check my posts before I reply to people. Not trying to be snarky or have a go at you HolyChrome, I was just pointing it out for the sake of completeness :)