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Automatically turn monitors off
If an x y in the z and nobody's around to hear it...

I've seen Johnny mention that cameras broadcasting to rooms full of items takes a lot of resources from the MOO. I realize that unless someone turns their camera monitor off before logging out, it will continue spitting messages at objects that don't really care until the player logs back in.

I suggest that televisions and monitors automatically turn off after a certain amount of time when there are no awake characters in the room to watch the cameras. While it may not fix the problem entirely, it may save some resources wasted on giving information to empty rooms.

This is a pretty good idea, I think. I don't know how hard it would be to code, but to have all screen displays set to 'economy' mode whereby they automatically switch off when there's no people around seems like a functional feature of a post-apoc economy. After all, you need to save that electricity for the giant floating ad blimps and building-sized viddy viewboards!
I had no idea they even broadcast to empty rooms, but that seems like a good idea. If all monitors were able to be turned off even, I'd habitually turn it off before leaving the room/logging out.

Make a desk object the display rather than a traditional tv or monitor. That way if nobody's sitting at it, nothing's displayed.
I wonder if there are any objects which SHOULD pick up these messages when a woke person isn't present. What could we be leaving out.
Cameras watching screens? Cameras watching screens displaying the feed of cameras watching screens?
This would out locations with a hidden surveillance device.
Could the theoretical code ignore surveillance devices and perhaps hidden characters?