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Bar etiquette

If I am IC sitting at a bar with a drink with a hood all over my face, it ICly means I want to be left alone. OOC it means I am not paying much attention, doing stuff in another window. Of course doing hostile acts is still fine, that is the rules of the game. But non-hostile discussion should not be aimed at me as I am not really paying attention. If I remove it, I am paying attention.

Does this make sense? Do other people do it like this? IRL I would very much do it like that. Make clear signs if I am here to enjoy a quiet beer or for discussion. But of course hostile actions are fair.

I mean, in this case, talking to me counts as "bothering". If you IC want to "bother" me, fine.
This should probably be in Theme.
I know where you're coming from and I can empathize, I do think small-worlding gets a little out of hand in bar crowds, but at the same time I know RP is the name of the game and players will tend to assume you're at a bar for roleplay like they are.
I disagree. Sure, you might want to ICly communicate this by doing as you describe but I can ICly chose to ignore it and try to engage you in any way I like as long as it isn't against the rules, meta, small world or using pose/emote/spoof to RP for your character. If you don't want to be engaged and want to be 100% sure it won't happen log out or go OOC.

Don't expect other PCs to interpret your characters IC signals in a way you want. They don't have to. A player could choose to have their character walk up and hit on your character and talk at them and all that. They can get pissed at you for ignoring them. They can attack you for disrespect if they want to risk the IC consequences. Whatever comes from you not paying attention to your character while logged in is on you.

I feel like I am missing something important, why would you be sitting at a bar if you don't want to RP? You can relatively safely idle at your pad, or if you are just ooc busy, can always @ooc.
Why would you sit in a public IG area if you want to be left alone? Unless you’re doing it to glean IC information while focusing on another window (which seems like bad form), this doesn’t make any sense to me.

Just sit in your apartment.

Because it is IC normal that sometimes characters just want a quiet beer.
No doubt, but it's kind of the nature of the beast- roleplayers gonna roleplay. Bars are very much the social hubs of the game, after all.
It is okay to ICly ignore it if it is what the char wants. I am just saying this is the OC message, and all I want is to be understood clearly and then you whatever you want with it.
You’re in the Dome, chummer. There’s no such thing as “quiet”, especially in a crowded bar.
Your character might want a quiet bar but that does not mean they get it. You can control what they do but you con't get to control others or dictate to other players how they control their PC. Even if you feel they broke a rule, are being meta or small world or are power-posing, you cant dictate anything to them (though you should let us know on xhelp).

Just like I might want to enjoy a quiet bus ride and pick a seat away from everyone, put my hood up and make myself big on my seat and it's still possible for another person to practically sit down on my lap and start talking my ear off. Then it's up to me to go or stay. I can't decide that everyone that exists should respect my ques in the real world. You can't in Sindome either.

You can try and establish this with people you RP with. You can try and make others follow your lead ICly. But that's about it.

From another point of view, if I go into a bar with my hood on it certainly doesn't mean I don't want to be interacted with on an OOC level.

I might wonder on an IC level what this moron is doing trying to chat up random hooded chummers in bars, but OOC I welcome it.

If you want to be left alone on an OOC level, just log or go @ooc, otherwise it's something to deal with IC as far as I'm concerned.

Don't try and take away the pleasure I get from watching bakas nearly get themselves killed by harassing random silent shrouds :)

People RP with you (hooded, shrouded), make interactions and whatnot, and how is that a bad thing? if you didn't want to be bothered go to your room or go @ooc. I hate when people go to bars and sit in their asses doing nothing. Not even a silly pose looking aloof. Bring your actions to life!

That's something that I've had to address in text games and tabletops as well.

There's ways to be ACTIVELY passive. There's ways to be ACTIVELY aloof.

You can be an entertain and engaging lone wolf! Your character's antisocial behavior isn't an excuse for not RPing!

Huff, sneer, play with napkins, peel the label off your beer!

If you're IC, you're IC. If you're "OOC or afk", then go @ooc. No matter how many doors you're behind or disguises you have on or how many Judges you're surrounded by, if you're in the game? You're fuckwithable.

Bar etiquette in a mix bar lol get the fuck out of here what even is this thread
I only skimmed this thread but a few things:

1. If you are off window, that's on you. We have @ooc for this reason. If you don't want to be interacted with, then go @ooc.

2. If you feel you must remain in game, then use your @look_place to tell folks you are ICly looking to not be disturbed. @Look_place me is bent over a drink, ignoring everyone and every thing around them.

These are the solutions I would like to see. We aren't going to create meta rules for interacting with people in a public IC location.

Also, Jameson, please do not reply to threads just to 'lol get the fuck out of here'. Either contribute something worth while and helpful, or, lol, get the fuck outta here ;)
Beat their faces in.
Mb mb let me rephrase my support of sentiment that others have also expressed but in a manner I've seen in other threads that's apparently viewed as appropriately valuable and not worthy of scolding.

Mobius +1

If you want to sit idle while working or watching TV OOC, do -not- do it in a public place IC. Go sit in your apartment, or get a room in a hotel, or sit in your office at work. If you are in a public social space, be ready to RP. Simple as that. To expect people to just ignore you because you have a drink and a hoodie is some baka shit.
Furthermore, that mentality sets a bad precedent for anyone wanting to sit in a public setting with a hoodie and drink hoping FOR RP..
Start pickpocketing hooded character, scan. 😁

On a more serious note, seconding Sliter's @look_place comment!

@lp me is looks like they don't want to be bothered.

@lp me is lost in their own thoughts.

@lp me is enjoying some solitary time.

@lp me is writing personal poetry with their genitals.

@lp me is staring at a wall, arguing with themself.

@lp me is meditating.

@lp me is talking on their Progia, but it's not even turned on.