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Body mics

Body mics, that you could 'wear', or plant on someone else. Would be revealed by being frisked by someone else, catching someone else planting it on you, or stripping naked. Let you hear any conversations in the same room as the mic'd person.
I like the idea of a wire that records conversations and then the media can be played back on a device, for gathering evidence. Maybe this could be combined with other media player ideas like making actual albums for pop stars to release.
Hardware is gross. Make it chrome. Why there isn't a cyberware object that you can use to wire up a useless guttersnipe and see the world through 24/7 is beyond me. The applications and financial opportunities for such a things would be awesome with two versions...

One where the "puppet" is in full control to shutoff and activate there feed as desired.

One where the "puppetmaster" is in full control and can also activate/deactivate cyberware at will. i.e. Imagine having your own psychokiller slave with a cortex bomb and behavior modification chip to keep them in line.

It's basically just a reverse Video Transcoding Chip with a little more control.

That's kind of a broad branch from this idea but sure, why not, installable chrome? Could wire up to already-existing sec systems and be operated that way with the proper equipment?
Strongly agree with ReeferMadness on all points.
I love it.

Guy A: "Why won't this fucking immy take his mirrorshades off?"

Mona B: "Cause he workin' for tha Oracle, that why!"

Guy A: "That true? You a Sensor, bitch?"

Immy: "W-What...? No, I'm just, look, I just arrived from the North Pacific Economic Compact. I'm Gerald, I've been looking for--"

Guy A: "Uh huh."


Mona B, pulling the mirrorshades off the corpse: "Huh. No Saedor eye on dis 'yama. He ain't no Sensor."

Guy A: "I guess he just liked mirrorshades."

Mona B, putting on the mirrorshades: "I DO fink it bright out. Aww ye', dis bettah, dis click bettah."

Solo C reveals his hiding location and steps out into view.

Solo C: "What do we got here, a couple Sensors? You bakas livin' on the Oracle's fold?"

Et cetera.

I always thought it was strange that you can put video onto an eye, but not get video from an eye. Hopefully that and body mics can get implemented. Would make thinks very fun.
ooooooh what about Progia taps too?