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Combine Gun Cleaning Toolbelts
and other stuff with charges

Pretty much what the title says. It'd be a nice, small QOL change if you could combine things that have "charges" like gun cleaning tool belts and uh makeup of the same brand I guess but that makes less sense. There's probably other stuff like that I'm forgetting or don't know, too.
I think this is a good idea and there's already a precedent with ammunition and the transfer command. I don't see why it couldn't be applied to these other types of items as well.
Always struck me as a bit odd and off type for gun cleaning belts to have charges, since toolbelt objects are generally the passive tool for a skill with another object being the consumable. Feels like it would be consistent if they were just permanent and cost more, and either had no consumable or used an extant consumable like solvent.
There are some consumable supplies used to maintain guns. Primarily lubricants, solvents, cloth and pads.