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Customizable Vehicle Names
This is my car 'Fred'

I had the thought of allowing personal vehicles to have pet names like some of the skyship pads for the sake of duplicates messing with macros, plus the additional personal flair. The big thing is when a vehicle of the same make is in your designated parking spot and suddenly your one command to get home just doesn't function anymore. Even worse is that quick heist get away driver whose command fails because of multiples.
I'll be honest. I personally don't see the need to introduce code for game functions to essentially make life super easy for matters that come down to players being perceptive (for the get away driver), not planning ahead (get away driver or any similar scenario) or for the drive home, simply adapting. If you have a macro to drive you home but it's screwed up from two vehicles, you could simply drive your vehicle one room over, copy/paste your macro minus the first direction, and you're golden.

Especially since I believe this only would affect bikes with the drive to function opposed to drive (though car drivers do need to deal with other issues and macros).

Personally I don't see the value to the gameplay experience. If there are three of the same car sitting next to each other, any confusion would be expected as you try to figure out which car is ICly yours.

You'd resolve it the same way you would IRL, you'd look at the license plate.

And the color. Be happy you can choose a color!

The only thing I have to say about vehicles is the years should be updated (them 89 models “new” on the lot...) and add XM radio and heated seats.

It'd be hilarious. Unlock ass. Enter ass, but too many vehicles would be named 'Ass', ah well.
There's about 70 million vehicles named Ass for me to pick from, it's too hard to decide!

"Ambiguity. There are multiple 'Ass'"

If you put FRED on your license plate, then you can actually use the license plate number/name to drive your car. Startup fred, drive fred, all that really works!