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Default to first item on multiples
Prioritize items for QOL

I think it would be beneficial for there to be a toggle for players that caused 'hold x' to default to 'hold 1st x'.

Personally, 99.99999% of the time, I'm trying to put on a helmet or grab something, it's #1 in my inventory. Especially when I have duplicates on the ground, etc. I'm not sure if it's codedly possible, but it would be a boon for me.

I think having it toggled off would be necessary for newer players since multiples can be confusing.

Anyone with me on this? Or am I crazy?

I think this has been suggested before, and I still support it. The counter-argument is that you're likely to grab the wrong item, but if implemented, it could work with a 'cycle' system, so if you grab the wrong item the first time, typing it again will pull out the 2nd, then the 3rd.

I would view this akin to pulling items out of your pocket until you find the right one.

Assuming that it's not codedly a pain in the ass, I think a toggle would be great in that case. I like the idea of rummaging like that.

I'm constantly bumping into:

wear poncho

which one? There are multiples

count poncho

wear 1st poncho

I get this all the time with helmets, phones, etc. Glad to know I'm not the only one. It's not gamebreaking of course, but it'd be a nice streamline.

On a somewhat similar note, can we PLEASE be defaulted to our own vehicle when there are more than one of the same model in a room? At least while we're on it, is there no way to code it so any time we type 'start cricket/drive cricket to w' etc it automatically knows we mean the one we're riding and we don't have to cycle through first/second/etc?

You can use the license plate numbers in lieu of the vehicle name.
This is all fun and games until you pull the pin and can't find the grenade.

Was not aware of that. Definitely will help a bit, thankyou!


Hence making it a toggle so people who aren't grenadey can grab whatever they first feel.