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Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full!
Garbled talking while eating

Almost too silly to suggest, but since we have adjusted speech from being drunk and overtired, it would be pretty funny to have speech garbled by eating. There's a timer set up so that you're sort of "chewing" where you can't just spam eat calzone over and over again, you have to "wait a while" to eat again. Would be funny to have says entered during that time adjusted so that it sounds like you have a mouthful of food.

"I don't know where that baka went, he's probably dead."

Mouthful of food makes it "I ron' row where rat raka rent, e's browbry dea"

The potential to accidentally choke if one tries to speak while eating could also be an interesting addition to this!
Did you friend Susan choke on a baby carrot?!
I think that would be funny but would get annoying very quickly. Interesting idea though.
I think this would be the most useless feature ever.
Like I said, almost too silly to suggest :P but it would be funny and funny is never useless
I demand immersion like this.
(Image: A gif of Michael from The Office (US) yelling 'please God no.')
There's nothing to prevent players from doing this if they choose. In fact, there's those who already do. I'd encourage players to take up the task themselves instead of trying to put additional coding onto the staff's plate.
Thanks, JMo. You've inspired me to post one of my own half-silly ideas I've been holding off on sharing!
You're a peacock, vantablack, you gotta fly!