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Entry-level labs
for people who aren't filthy rich

so, in sindome we have dozens of nifty different skills, and almost all of them require specific items to be of use, whether it's a grid term, toolbelt or weapon. For most of these items, the buy-in to begin using your skills is usually somewhere between 8 and 25,000 chy, pricy for new characters, but still affordable so they can begin using their abilities to get into some RP. For chemists though, the items cost over 100,000 chyen, which is more than the cynical residents of Withmore are usually willing to loan out on good faith, and way more than a new player could hope to make on crate runs before getting burnt out from the grind. What I want to see added ingame, are entry level versions of chemistry sets, hydroponics farms and pill presses that would function identically to the real ones, but only produce 2-5 of a chosen drug per week, instead of 10. Give the entry-level labs lower skill checks, and lower pricing (something like 25k for the hydro farm, 30-40k for the others?) than the full versions, and we'll see lots of new players getting to take advantage of a skill that was previously only open to established characters.
maybe we can make the entry-labs cut off in quality at a level or two above street grade to dissuade players from using them once they get experienced enough. You're not going to be making 100% pure super-meth out of ingredients and tools you picked up at the local supermarket
I've actually talked about this with another player. I think something like a tool-belt. Equivalent is a good idea, something that has finite resources. So, you can't forever produce drugs with just a single payout of 20-30k.

You have to buy a beginner kit, with supplies. And when you run out of your base component ie psudafed or whatever is being refined into street grade drugs. You need to source more/buy another kit.

The synthesis of any compound in any quantity is not a trivial matter. Even the smallest meth labs are a huge investment in time, energy, and overhead. Some things are just go big or go home.
While I agree with Snorlax, I think that the Hydroponics farm should probably be cheaper. Then I stopped and though about one-pot meth labs, and how people I know have grown magic mushrooms and marijuana with a above average degree of success and had literally no experience in anything like it. Maybe having something like a potted tulip, you'd have to water it, but like once a week you could harvest 1 unit from it would be pretty cool, maybe for the casual user that wants a hobby.
Drugs are legal, right? Why doesn't "someone" just run a semi-public chem lab? Pay a 'small' entry fee and you can come in to try to make your own stuff, with some of it being kept by the lab for their own profits. Low quality, so you're not gonna make the best shit, and you're exposed to the biggest players in the market, but you get to make SOMETHING. Need better? Buy it or try to get access at better via RP.
There are entry level starting jobs for chemists, if only they lasted enough to finish a batch...