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Explosive Ideas
Boom Shakalaka!

We have a a number of posts about explosives but with the recent request for a discussion during the Town Hall - I wanted to consolidate feedback and existing ideas.

Please read the below two threads before discussing..

Things that make you go boom...

EMP Grenades

Here are the core ideas I've seen a few threads on already and a few of own.

Tear Gas: Explosives experts should be able to manufacture gas/drug grenades. For all intensive purposes, the coding for this seems to be completed - I think it just needs fine tuning. There is some discussion on this in the below link.

Cortex Bombs: I think it's a no-brainer to have cortex bomb manufactured by explosives experts with the combination of a cybernetic and explosive component.

Heavy Weapon Munitions: If we ever get to missile launchers - the ammo production should probably require explosives and munitions skills.

Bomb Vests: As it stands now, you need to hold an explosive to use it. This makes sense. I propose explosives experts be able to construct and daisychain explosives to bomb vest which allows explosives to be triggered without being held and even while grappled.

Cat's Cradle: An unconscious, sitting or otherwise restrained/grappled individual or corpse should be able to have a cat's cradle built around them. If the individual or corpse attempts to move or is forcibly moved/interacted with - it triggers the explosive.

Car Bombs: We've discussed this quite a bit and I think would help fill the gaps of a high tier explosives expert along with these other ideas. Links to prior discussions below...

Puddles of Ethanol: Containers of ethanol should be able to emptied out in rooms forming a puddle of ethanol. This would act as an ignitor and dramatically increase fire size/damage. Perfect for traps!

Being able to douse stuff/the room with ethanol and light it with a zippo as a less explosive way of setting a fire would be fun, but I like the other ideas too. Especially cat's cradles.
While we're on the topic, I'd love for there to be a "trim" command on pipe bombs that lets you set the fuse (skill required of course). They're relatively low-power, and one of the difficulties using them is that you have to stand around and wait for the fuse to burn, LOUDLY. It would be cool if you could prep them for a specific engagement.

I think in the past there was a change made to reset them to a specific timer every time they were snuffed...but setting them would be awesome!

Trim sounds like a fantastic addition to explosives. I think it should also be add fuse time and be usable on grenades. Imagine selling a bunch of explosives rigged to blow the moment there used to your enemy. ;-)

One more addition...

SHI ICK-1Y Grenade: A acid-based adhesive grenade that sticks to your opponent and causes a set amount damage over time.

In addition to what has been previously in my self-aggrandizing thread, I would love if explosives got the equivalent to a tread message for forensic interaction.

Besides whatever forensic factors are incorporated into explosives which hopefully include the sector of origin for supplies used, the ability for a bomb maker to have a personal trademark for a cat and mouse gambit seems appropriate. i.e. Wood screws, glitter, paprika, etc.

I know this has been somewhat talked about, as referenced in the links attached to the OP but I think now with the vehicular damage expansion and the eventual vehicular combat addition it would make sense now more than ever for the game to have car bombs.

Not just for damaging vehicles and annoying people, but to guarantee that the person who owns said vehicle dies (in most cases) or gets heavily injured when starting the engine. This probably would be more useful for corporate types who want to be violent without being overt and risking their hides.


I'm gonna combine buildable cortex bombs with cyberware malfunctions.

Was just thinking about car bombs last night, hah! More love for explosives would be awesome. Also not to derail the thread but some munitions attention would be dope for those guys too.

Cortex bombs were something I've always wanted to play around with but the price (combined with potential no-selling from the PC) made them too far out of reach. Bootstrapped ones with potential explode-yourself rolls sounds awesome.

Wearable bombs.

Give me the suicide bombers.