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Sick hats

I think it would be nice for there to be separate wear locations for the head and the face, so I can cover my character's hair with a hat without also covering up his mouth, nose, cheeks, other recognizable features, etc. or things of that nature. Maybe always wear a hat to cover your skillsoft or something without covering up your beautifully biosculpted face.

I quite like this idea!

I've always found it quite odd that wearing something such as a bandana takes up the face description.

Not quite sure how much coding or changes would be involved to add in different areas to cover, though.

I don't think it's practically possible because all of the entities in the game would need to be manually edited to include the new location.

This is the belief I was lead to when this topic has been discussed in the past.

Could be wrong though!

(Or, the description is the head but coverage would be ears [at least in the meantime]. Or make the hat item see-thru. That way it's being worn on the head but doesn't block the view of anything. This option [see-thru] wouldn't work if you wanted to hide something though. But for bandanas and such? It should work. Just my thoughts on the current situation.)

But yes, this has come up before and having head and face separate would be fun and nice. :)