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Finding Items On The Street
Not sure if this would be annoying.

So I had the idea of some items randomly appearing on the street as they would in real life, not crazy common, but rare enough so that it's still nice to have the item.

So, on red, there could be lighters and loose chyen notes on the street that you could pick up for your character, or whatever else is small and theme appropriate.

I haven't really spent enough time on gold or green to know what would really fit there.

I dunno, so many people walk along the streets of Withmore that stuff is bound to fall out sometimes, I guess.

I find stuff on the street all the time.
I only find corpses.
I only find corpses.
Who do you think's dropping all the good stuff?
Quite like the idea.

I found a pair of 5 chyen jeans in a basement one time, totally made my character's day, a disposable lighter would have been mind-blowing!

Maybe if it was implemented in conjunction with the "search" command (i.e. random chance of spawn when someone searches on a street)?

On the other hand it just could lead to the existence of loads of items that nobody actually wants?

I dunno.

I think it'd lead to a bunch of useless items spamming the game....Plus, there's already places where worthless items can be frequently found. Just find out ICly...

Also, keep in mind the dome is packed. Somebody might drop a few chy and immediately, it gets picked up by the person behind them.

There could be cool implementations of this as well with a scavenging skill, maybe even rolled into a more clearly defined street urchin / street trader archetype, but there's a 100% chance of a (probably fair) 'item bloat' response murdering this thread in 3..2.. :)
Long time ago, I think on my first character, I searched in an open market and found some weird meat thing that was supposedly cooked food in some form.

I thought it was a random thing, but maybe someone just hid it there for whatever reason. I think it would be cool with a system where minor things have a chance to appear when you search an area, more likely the more perceptive you are, maybe.

To elaborate on Diani's point. One man's junk is another mans treasure.
Guys, no. There's already a way to scrounge for stuff at the markets and try to get it for cheap, and items organically get left or hidden all over the place all the time anyway by players. There is no reason to spawn random shit anywhere and all it would do is cut down on player interaction. You should get stuff from other players if you want it.
Do you really need to find lighters and 5c pants generated by the game though? If I find those items, I type “trash (item name)”.
I just think it'd be more realistic, and the useless items thing is a good point, but, it would have to be rare to happen, or yeah, a scavenging skill would be sick.
Personally, I think it's unneeded, because there's already a lot of trash written into room descriptions for places that would realistically have them. And if there's anything that's worth even a little value, it's only realistic for the ambient crowd to quickly pick it up.

I mean...You've got lighters and 5c clothes selling in the markets. Maybe that's where the vendors get them!

Also, there's already occasional, coded events that allow more than just 5c to be collected by some lucky PC that passes by. B)

Just my thoughts....

You can get by as a scavvie just fine, it's just a matter of timing.

I've found some ace shit both lying around the mix, in new apartment basements and other things I'd rather not say because they were either too specific, or too recent that it'd give away who my current/previous chars were.

Sometimes we get lucky, and find a lighter, or some free candy on a corpse. Sometimes we get super fucking lucky and find items worth a couple kay+, other days we just wait for a jumper.

Adding findable items randomly spawning on the street sounds like a chance to hoard gear and useless shit, causing more bloat on the MOO, something we already had to address with item hoards in closets. Therefore, I'm against this.

Lemme get my badlands scavenger char though.