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Genetek Revival Names.
How do they know my screename...the matrix is real!

So this is super minor, but I think it's super simple too. As well as nobody outside the player themself ever seeing it. But...why do the genetek chambers know our screenames? It seems like it would be better and more immersing to use the legal name the Judges do.

Just a minor nitpicky idea I had.

Good idea. Easy fix, I imagine.
Well, they make a copy of your mind (which is why you only remember things up to your update), so they kinda like, know everything you know. It's not that weird that they could figure out what you call yourself, and use it to "make you feel more comfortable".
Ooo, that's also a good point. Although screen name is more of a meta thing for some characters?
My name could be DickwadMcgee codedly but Dick Tucker Icly.
Well the mind thing IS a good point. But, also, yeah. Some names are more or less unrelated. I dunno. It's not really a needed or important idea, it was more an 'oh, hey...that's odd.'

Alternative could be SIC alias.

This is fixed.
Awesome! Thanks a ton!