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Getting dirty when meching
If it ain't leaking, it's probably empty...

Much like sitting or even walking through certain locations makes your character dirty or smell, it would be nice if using the various auto_tech commands would build up a layer of brake dust, oil, hydraulic fluid, and grease on your character.
Never played this sort of character, but +1. Sounds like it should be a thing. Mechanics get oily and smell of gasoline, I'm sure even topside mechanics do so.
Damn skippy they should
Along a similar line of thought, make Medics and other medical personnel smell like peroxide, blood, and whatever else is themely.

And not to leave the Deckers out, we can make them smell like their parents basement and Desperation. =p

@Hek they already smell terrible because they never bathe.

But for real, +1 to this idea. Also totally like the idea of making medics get bloody and smelling like peroxide from healing people.

"Along a similar line of thought, make Medics and other medical personnel smell like peroxide, blood, and whatever else is themely."

Already a thing.

Bartenders should smell like booze.

@hek I laughed

I think these ideas are fair. Especially if joys gotta smell like cheese

Smelling like things is actually a debuff for a lot of situations and it an easy way to meta so please no.

I think it's pretty silly that you can smell sex on someone as they walk by on a super crowded street even if they've taken a shower, but that's at least funny and easy to avoid.

joys should smell like their parents' disappointment
Are you talking about smell me? Kinda always forget about using that. I think you might get a smell attached already when healed?
In my original post, I meant more along the lines of visually being covered in grease and such.