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High-tech fabric technologies
clothing that does more than just look good

So, in researching something that came up in ic convo today I came across some very interesting textile ideas which are currently used irl. Just curious as to how we could apply some of these ideas icly into the material system, and how that can effect the finished products. Specifically, mentions of textile qualities such as abrasion/cut-resistant, temperature-moderating, self-cleaning/dirt-repellant, odor-reducing, anti-bacterial, fatigue-reducing, etc.

Here's a link:[url]

There's a list of other fabric technologies they offer on the sidebar to the left. Scroll through them and discuss.

Also, what other ideas are there for high-tech textile qualities? What could our clothing be doing for us other than making us look cool as hell? I don't pretend to know what all the variables are with the materials currently in-game and how they effect finished products, but it feels like it could use some help. I've heard the weight issue is being discussed in regards to custom clothing, perhaps this can join that conversation admin-side as well?

Here's a working link even: