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Hold someone down while in a vehicle

Right now if you push someone into a vehicle, they can merely unlock the doors from the inside and jump out. This leads to a tug of war between you and them entering 'unlock' and 'lock' one after another to see who's faster on their keyboards.

I'd like to suggest a command that allows a PASSENGER, not the DRIVER, to hold someone down while they're also in a passenger seat. This would probably involve a similar check to grapple.

This would also encourage a player who's driving to hire additional muscle to hold someone down while kidnapping people.

Scary, and I like it. +1
Or maybe make it so you need access to unlock it from the inside?
With correct vehicles, you're able to efficiently "hold" someone down/lock them in and then it becomes quite OP.

I'd rather have that and people saving up the chyen to obtain those vehicles than change current cars that are maybe meant more for giving your friends/squad a lift/joyride.

Would make a hell of a lot more sense to just need access to the unlock button within the security system. Or have that as a pricey add-on with more expensive security systems and the latter being the cheap option, but requiring more coordination.
I do know there are specific vehicles to keep people locked in them, but the cars that would have this mechanic (3 passengers minimum) already do cost a lot. This is even the case for some specific faction vehicles which doesn't seem very realistic in my eyes.
While we're adding new features to cars, please add a command that lets you wrestle your captor for the steering wheel and crash it into the nearest building or object. Hurts their wallet and gives mechanics something to do.
Well, maybe those cars were more meant for flaunting/style?

I know there are even certain vehicles you can get for little/no chy with the right RP that would do the same thing.

Beepboop, I actually like that idea and it'd give this suggestion even more of a reason to be implemented. I do think that instead of an automatic crash it should be a roll with relevant stats and skills involved however.

Yep, stats should be required. Maybe STR and/or AGI

Solution; beat their face in prior to giving them a free ride. What they gonna do? Hop out and try to crawl off?
Yes and no. As it stands now, Vehicles are fairly invincible monsters and we should be wary of increasing that inherent power.

If you need to restrain someone in a vehicle, you need an ambulance which features a hospital bed with the usual restraints. Those vehicles are few and far between by design.

If there was a vehicle security part that made the internal biometric - I think that would be a good compromise between everything but I'd prefer to keep the hospital bed requirement, personally.

I think the main difference between those vehicles that you can lock someone in easily or strap them down on an operating table is that it'd be a PC doing the holding down with checks involved. It'd not be a guaranteed OP move that means you're definitely going to be held down and not be able to get out like the alternatives you mentioned.
But, as it stands, the internal security mechanic seems to be a great alternative too, so I am all up for that.
Or you could beat their faces in
It surprises me that there isn't like, a 2-second move timer tied to entering a vehicle, and 3 seconds for exiting a vehicle.

It's not like I'm jumping in feet first through the window. (Or am I???? 😁)

I like both ideas.

In vehicle grapples. Yes!

Fight for steering wheel control. Double plus Yes!

I like the idea of an enhanced security option that requires biometrics to unlock the door from the inside, but at the same time, it would be WAY to easy to lock someone in something they wouldn't be able to escape-- we don't have windows you can just roll down or break-- which would be what I'd do IRL if someone locked me in a car-- barring bullet proof windows that I couldn't break.

I don't dislike the idea of being able to wrestle for control, or cause a crash if that's what you want to do. Something to think about.