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I'm/I am
Why don't these work for poses?

I'm always thrown off on my posing when I try to use I'm or I am. I would expect them to translate to 'They are' or 'he is' or 'she is' or whatever, but they just don't. is there a reason in the code this can't happen?
Yes, this.
+500 yes please
Your pose has no relation to previous commands you may have typed because 500 lines out of output may have shown to everyone while you were perfecting your pose.

Basically, this grammar is inappropriate to start the output of your individual action with.

"i is"

.shake my head as I'm wrought with disbelief.

How is this not appropriate?

That will work. Use I .am and it will come out as it should on the other side. But you can't start your pose with that. I may have misunderstood the OP's intentions about that aspect.
The intent isn't to start the pose, but it's for streamlining typing out poses in the first person. I already triggers, but the idea is that 'I'm' / 'I am' would likewise automatically trigger without having to type 'I is' it 'I .am' (neither of which I had any idea worked).
This post would benefit from some specific examples of what folks are doing, what they are seeing, and what they expect-- to clarify what the ask is here.

I think I understand, but want to be sure before I weigh in.

.whistle cheerfully as I'm washing the dishes.

"Joe whistles cheerfully as he's washing the dishes."

Like that sort of thing I guess... hmm, would probably want to come out to me as:

"You whistle cheerfully as you're washing the dishes."



Sure, there's one example up a few posts, but let's see if I can make a few more for you.

".pant raggedly as I'm climbing the ladder. "Dang, I'm so out of shape." I .mutter to myself."

".scream in pain as I'm penetrated by shrapnel."

".stretch my arms out as i'm leaving the rooftop, aiming for a far off handhold to catch myself."

What I think people are referring to is:

.laugh at Bob because i am able to.

and asking if it is possible for "i am" to automatically show to others as "Jane laughs at Bob because she is able to." instead of "...because she am able to."

What I didn't know is you could do ".laugh at Bob because i .am able to." and it automatically changes it to: Jane laughs at Bob because she is able to! :O

Didn't know honestly about "I .am" though, that does the job fine really, allowing "I'm" would be nice just for ease of writing though.
I had no idea pose didn't work this way. This should definitely be implemented asap, because I know for a fact my poses have been coming out wrong now.
I is kang
Why yes, why don't I make the pose code even crazier for the endless variety of contractions in the english language. You're gonna have to deal without this folks. :)
Okay, thanks for looking into it anyway Johnny!
.learn something new, I .am satisfied with that response.
Similar to this, there seems to be an issue with (have and has)

Eg the input "I have..."

It comes out as "Hek have..." instead of "Hek has..."

For a game where writing prose for people is one of the main game mechanics, I feel like this is kind of important. So here's everything .pose needs to worry about (I think).


There's only a few basic rules for conjugating English verbs in present tense:

1. Irregular verbs (there are four).

2. Modal verbs (there are nine that folks could reasonably and frequently .pose).

3. -es / -ies verbs (two rules).

4. Contractions (there are four that are relevant).


"...the list of irregular present tense verbs is very short. Excepting modal verbs like "shall", "will", and "can" that do not inflect at all in the present tense, there are only four (only two if pronunciation is ignored):

be: I am, thou art, you are, he is, we are, they are.

do (and compounds such as "undo" and "redo"): I do, you do, he does, we do, they do where "does" is pronounced /ˈdʌz/ in contrast to /ˈduː/, the pronunciation of the infinitive and the other present tense forms.

have: I have, you have, he has, we have, they have.

say (and compounds such as "gainsay" and "naysay"): I say, you say, he says, we say, they say where "says" has the standard pronunciation /sɛz/ (in contrast to the /seɪ/ used for the infinitive and other present tense forms)."


"]The following verbs have all of the above properties, and can be classed as the principal modal verbs of English. They are listed here in present–preterite pairs where applicable:

- can and could

- may and might

- shall and should

- will and would

- must (no preterite"


- Verbs ending in -o, -sh, -ch, -tch, -x, -z, or -ss get -es added

- Verbs with a consonant +y, you change the -y to -ies


List of English contractions. Only a handful of them are first person present tense verbs, and even fewer get a change in 3rd person. Quite a number of them are really amazing.

- ain't / amn't -> isn't

- don't -> doesn't

- haven't -> hasn't

- I'm / I've -> he's / she's

You can accomplish just about everything by writing your poses just a tad differently. Here are the examples provided in this thread, rewritten to work with the code as we have it now.

.look around as I .have no legs.

.stretch my arms out as I .leave the rooftop, aiming for a far off handhold to catch myself.

.laugh at Bob because I can.

.pant raggedly as I .climb the ladder. "Dang, I'm so out of shape." I .mutter to myself.

.scream in pain as a piece of shrapnel penetrates me.

.whistle cheerfully as I .wash the dishes.


There's no rule set up for verbs ending in -sh, -ch, -tch, etc.

.wash -> washs

.reach -> reachs

.watch -> watchs

You have to type .washe and .reache and .watche to make it work, which not only is gross but is making my phone's auto-correct an embarrassment. 😅

The pose code isn't perfect, and it wont never be. It's too tough and code intensive to have it deal with every single bit of english grammar. We've got it to a point where it works for 95% of the use cases, and there are work arounds for the rest.

.wash -> .scrub

.reach -> .hold my hand out

.watch -> .eye / .look / .glare

I can keep offering alternatives all day-- but that's all I can do at this point :)